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Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 5.2

            Why had she come back? Reese wanted to knock her head against the steering wheel. She had given little effort at the door, knocking only once and ringing the doorbell slightly, because she was just going to say she had made an attempt and then that would be it. Her life was too complex already to even involve him, so getting him out of her life would be better.

            Yet, as she drove away, she was killing herself emotionally about her half attempt. ‘He’s there,’ her mind said. ‘You know he’s there and you’re just trying to avoid him, when you really want to see him.’

            Reese needed to avoid him because she knew if they hadn’t been in the copier room, she would have given him what those dark eyes of his clearly told her he wanted.

            So she turned the corner and came back around not believing she was seeing him stand out the house. When she put the car in park, she could still feel it roll. Grabbing the cinderblock from behind the passenger seat, she got out of the car and placed it quickly in front of the tire.

            Emperor watched her the entire time not saying anything until she stood up and walked toward him.

            “What’s that for?”

            “Protection,” she lied.

            He only looked at her as if he weren’t about to believe a word she said.

            “My brakes are bad,” she embarrassingly admitted.

            “I’ll fix them,” he offered.

            “This is why I didn’t want to tell you about them in the first place. Just pretend you didn’t see that, okay?” she said a little frustrated.

            “Are you saying you don’t want me to help you?” he asked.

            Reese took a deep relaxing breath. Getting upset over something so minute’ was silly, because she wasn’t addressing the real problem at hand. “I just came over here about your offer, Mr. Heart.”

            He stiffened slightly hearing the formal name again. “At least you came to tell me face to face instead of trying to avoid me.”

            “Why would I want to do a thing like that?” she asked, praying he couldn’t read her mind because that was exactly what she had planned to do.

            Em shrugged a large shoulder. “I thought you might feel uncomfortable about the whole thing after…” He flushed this time a bit embarrassed.

            It was really hard not noticing how sexy he was standing there as the wind whipped about his shirt giving her teases of his chest hair. He was barefoot with blue, custom fit dress pants on and although improper, Reese couldn’t help noticing everything about him.

            “I take it you didn’t tell your mother on me or anyone else,” he assumed.

            “My mother wouldn’t believe me and neither would anyone else,” she admitted honestly. Everyone would think she was just dreaming the whole incident. Emperor Heart was trying to make love to her in the school’s copier room? They would wrap her up in a white jacket quicker than stopping crazy. She wasn’t even going to think about what Juanita would do to her.

            “Please, come in,” he offered.

            It was too easy to acquiesce to his will, but she fought it. “No, Mr. Heart,” she said shaking her head. “I think I should stay out here. Especially after what’s happened.”

            His chest felt suddenly heavy because he thought she might refuse to spend time at the guesthouse. He couldn’t think of anything else that would make her stay or come back to him and he really needed her so he could figure out what his problem was as to why he couldn’t get her off his mind.

            She continued. “I think I should let you know something very important and it was one of the reasons why I returned everything.” Pausing a moment, finding it difficult to speak, she said, “My mother likes you.”

            No emotions appeared on his face, so the knowledge didn’t affect him, but maybe he didn’t understand what she was saying.

            “Can we just go in and speak on this?” he asked.

            Checking her watch, Reese knew she had more than enough time. Most likely, even if Juanita did call and check on her the examiners would say testing wasn’t done for another three hours. Reese had managed to finish the test very quickly and correctly, and then drove like a mad woman over to his home on the Eastside of Detroit.

            “Alright,” she conceded and walked in with him.

            He led her to the office and leaned on his desk, urging her to continue after she refused to sit down and instead stand in front of the desk looking very uncomfortable with her arms crossed and her back stiff. The dress she wore today seemed even more hideous than ever and he had to wonder if Juanita really tried to find ugly whenever she shopped for clothes for Reese. If it wasn’t color that made her seem pale, then it was the long sleeves and ankle skirts with the thick stockings all the time that would turn off a nympho. On top of that that thick glasses and ugly hair style piled on unsightliness.

            With little hesitation, Reese said, thinking he still didn’t understand about Juanita’s lust for “her Emperor.” “She writes passionately about having you in her journal, Mr. Heart, and I don’t want to get in the way of what she wants.”

            “I understand what you said,” he said briskly. “But your mother’s attraction to me has nothing to do with you and me, Reese.”

            “That’s where you’re wrong, Emperor,” she said passionately, not realizing she had spoken his name.

            He had noticed and so did the enemy between his legs. Em gripped the edge of the desk, digging his nails into the thick wood. It took all his strength to not go over there and attack her with his hands and mouth.

            She continued, “My mother has a lot to do with the decisions I make in life. She’s alone in this world and all she has is me. If I leave, she has no one.”

            Licking his lips, he said, “So you feel she is your responsibility? Don’t you think you’re a bit young to be worrying about your mother’s wants and needs? She isn’t incapable of taking care of herself? She seems like she is a normal, healthy person. You’re responsibility is too yourself right now, not your mother,” he stressed.

            Deciding to cut to the chase, he asked, “How damn old are you anyway?”

            Narrowing those diamond blues, she wanted to sneer, ‘Too young to be anyway pressed against your body.’ Instead, she said, “Too young to even consider something physical with you, because I don’t want anything like that with you.”

            “That’s not answering my-“

            “My age has nothing to with anything, Emperor.”

            He gripped he desk harder feeling the splinters starting to dig in his skin. “Your age has everything to do with anything that has to do with us.”

            “No, it doesn’t My mother wants you and what she wants, she gets. Point blank and I can’t fight her.” She threw her hands up in defeat. “You just don’t understand.”

            Em walked to her slowly as he spoke. “I understand that you want to hide behind her to avoid facing what you really need and want. I understand that you expect me to take into consideration that she wants me and you don’t? I understand that you’re lying to yourself if you believe that crack of shit, because I was there in the copier room with you and I felt your wetness, I tasted your sweetness and I saw your passion.” By now he was inches away from her and he delighted in watching her captivated by his words. Emperor wasn’t thinking logically and he knew it. This was so wrong on so many levels and he knew he could jeopardized everything having her here, but his bed was fourteen long strides away from where they stood and he could have her in it in five seconds – if she would let him.

            The temptation was just too great.

            Reese tried pretending the tingling had not increased every step he took toward her. Breathing had become difficult and her mind screamed for her to get out of there, but just the thought of being in this man’s fevering dark glare was too mesmerizing. Curiosity was killing her to know if he was going to kiss her again. She had dreamed of it over and over again, wanted it so many days and hours, masturbated to the memories hundreds of times since that day.

            Now, as he stood there looking down at her, there was nothing to be said because if she refuted his words she would be lying. If she acknowledged his words, she would be admitting her need for him had been as great as his passion for her.

            Emperor’s mind demanded that he stop, but as his hands rose to remove her glasses, and she made no attempt to prevent him, he knew he had her and that alone aroused him to full capacity.

            Reaching around the back of her, he pulled every pin out of her hair, until her thick natural curly dark blonde flowed down to her shoulders. He moved his fingers through her nape, relishing its softness, excited in knowing that there was a beauty underneath that prudish attire. The tip of his nose nuzzled her cheek and caressed her neck, and then his lips suckled her ear, moved up to her forehead and planted small kisses downward until he was pressing against her lips.

            Her response was immediate. Her body seemed to be caught in a spell. She couldn’t find the strength to fight him and she didn’t want to. It felt so good and so right as his mouth ravaged hers. His tongue dipped between her lips savoring her flavor, encircling her own oral muscle until they seem to become one.

            That feeling of flying filled her and she realized he was taking the steps to his room two at a time, not breaking a sweat. He didn’t stop kissing her until he was lying her down on his bed. This time the sheets were silky green, but that was still a stark contrast to her pale skin. He rose above her unbuttoning his shirt.

            Reese looked down remembering how he had stood so many weeks ago naked in front of her. The member that had been soft at the time was now hardened and pressed tightly inside the dress pants. A little bit of fear enveloped her as he leaned down and began to kiss her neck and unbutton her own shirt.

            “Emperor,” she said, needing to tell him something before his wonderful kisses made her forget.

            Between his lips making contact with her neck and shoulder, he said, “Don’t talk, Reese. Just feel.” He didn’t want her to think about anything. Hell, he didn’t want to think about anything because all he would think about how wrong everything he was doing was wrong.

            Just as she was about to protest more, his mouth enclosed around her dark pink areole and all thought of objection evaporated as an overwhelming urge to scream gripped her throat. Never in her life would she ever think just a simple kiss to that place by another human being could produce something inside of her so powerful. He didn’t just stop with a kiss, though. His tongue swirled about the tip, and then he sucked her skin deeply in his mouth. It was sheer ecstasy and even better when he switched to her other one and performed the same delicious ministrations.

            Throwing her head back and running her fingers through his hair as she relaxed her body, she suddenly remembered what she wanted to say to him and urgently pressed on his shoulders. “Emperor,” she urged.

            He groaned loving the sweet way she called his name.

            “Please Emperor, I should tell you something,” she begged and then gasped as his mouth moved down her stomach.

            He pushed her skirt, stockings, and panties down her legs and nestled his mouth over her delicate vertex. His thick tongue snaked about every part of her secret untouched nook lavishing the taste exciting himself in the process.

            By her reaction to his mouth, he was positive he knew no man had ever touched her and this realization brought so many emotions inside of him and he knew once he laid claim to her, which he fully intended despite his subconscious objections he would never want to let her go. She would be his forever. He would be her first and her last.

            Reese hadn’t realized that she was so sensitive in certain places, but it didn’t tickle. Oh no, his mouth created a raging flush of pleasurable desire that vibrated through the deepest part of her belly and through every vein of her body. If she wasn’t biting her lip to stifle a scream, she was calling out his name. In one second she couldn’t breath; in the next she was sucking up too much air. Her body was on sensual fire all over and she relished burning in the blaze he produced.

            Suddenly, he moved away from her and finished removing her clothes. She sat up when he was done to watch him undress himself. If someone had told her that a large handsome black man would be her first she would never have believed. It was tantalizing to watch as he revealed his gorgeous large muscular body to her. Broad shoulders, almost perfectly sculptured chest with a light soft meadow of pitch black hair that left his hardened nipples exposed. His stomach was rippled with muscles and her eyes took note of his lean waist as they continued to follow the path of soft black hair to a thicker forest with what looked like the size of a tree stump sticking out of it.

            The horror in her gray/blue eyes was very relevant at the thought of what she was about to do. All of a sudden, she didn’t feel so well as he started to climb on the bed with that very passionate glare in his dark raven eyes.

            Putting her hands on his shoulders to stop him knowing fully well he could knock them away and have his way with her because he was huge – and it wasn’t just between his legs – she was grateful he paused to meet her eyes.

            “I know this isn’t a good time to say this but we shouldn’t, Emperor,” she started firmly.

            “I know that, but he doesn’t. I want you, Reese. I know this is wrong on so many levels.” Tenderly, he leaned forward and kissed her cheek, both her eyelids; slid over to her ear and suckled her earlobe. In a fevered whispered after nipping on her neck, he said, “You excite every fiber in my body. Damn the consequences, I promise I won’t hurt you.”

            She almost relished in the near sincere begging of his voice. Emperor Heart really wanted her. It was like some high level fantasy that really turned her on. His passion and wantonness for her vibrated almost through his skin, yet he was waiting patiently for her acquiesce as he played havoc with her neck using his lips, tongue and teeth.

            Reese closed her eyes to accept what was to come so aroused by his mouth. He groaned a thank you as his mouth attacked hers with so much zeal; she could barely keep up with his tongue. His hands were everywhere exciting her, massaging her, worshipping every part of pale pink skin he could reach loving how his body contrasted so much with hers and not being able to stop wanting to feel her flesh on his.

            A thick digit pressed inside of her wetness and she gasped, but relaxed as he withdrew yet re-entered soon after. It was pure bliss as she felt the need to be complete with him grow and his whispered promises of pleasure mellowed her guard, until that hardened demon pressed on the inside of her thigh and the fear instantly returned. By now, he was fully covering her and had moved between her legs. Their bodies were pressed together and she was amazed as she opened her eyes to know he was not allowing his full body weight to lie on top of her. He was able to hold himself up enough to make her not feel uncomfortable.

            The fear screamed in her head as that member now rested in the valley of her moist cavern. She broke the kiss and again pressed her hands on his shoulders. Reluctantly, he held himself up and she looked down to see the dark tip of him resting on her blonde groin looking like a cannon about to explode. It was tempting to touch, but she resisted this temptation as she forced her eyes back up to meet his.

            “I’m a virgin, Emperor,” she announced.

            “I know,” he said strained.

            Frowning, she asked, “How did you know?”

            He sighed in sexual frustration. “Do you think I would be promising not to hurt you if I knew you couldn’t take me like a normal woman could, Reese?”

            It made sense, but … there was something nagging at her own mind, yet she wasn’t sure how to express this. “I should go.”

            Emperor groaned and it sounded painful, but she couldn’t see his face at that moment because he had buried his nose in the crook of her neck.

            “I’m sorry,” she said, feeling bad that he was “in pain,” but touched he was trying to respect her wishes despite his own arousal. Reese wouldn’t admit her fear of him, because he would probably call her juvenile when she didn’t want to be thought that way. If her mother’s infatuation with him stopped, then Reese would still want to offer herself to him, once she got over her fear, but right now was not the time to proceed.

            “I knew you were going to say that.” He lifted up. His black eyes were still smoldering, but there was actually amusement in them as well. “Do you know how much I hate those words when you say them?”

            “You mean I’m sorry?” she questioned slightly confused.

            “No. I mean that I should go shit.” Emperor buried his nose in the crook of her neck again, wincing a little trying to compose himself.

            Reese wondered what kind of pain could he be in, but she didn’t feel like there was a threat that he would force himself on her because she could actually feel his manhood becoming just a little bit soft. She relaxed completely and was almost tempted to touch him as he had touched her, but she resisted that temptation too.

            Who would ever believe she had lain with Emperor Heart naked, skin to skin?

            Suddenly, he rolled to her side, but kept his hand on her belly to hold her there. He used his other hand to prop his head up to look down at her. Reese felt the pressure on her stomach and knew he didn’t want her to leave, but she felt so self-conscious with this being the first time she had ever lain naked with a man… no, he was a true black Adonis.

            “Tell me one good reason why we should stop, aside from all the damn moral and society rules, Reese?” he demanded with his tone filled with guilt and sarcasm.


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