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Author’s Note: Good Moaning…

Taking it slow as you can see.

I’ve put myself on a schedule. Tuesday are an off day, but I thought since I get so many hits on the site on Tuesday, I’d play a game and reward the readers who could figure it out.

Ha Ha.

(rubbing hands evilly.)

So, I just popped out something last night. Right out the top of my head.

It’s a Mistaken Identity even more twisted and deceptive.

I’ve always wanted to do a longer version of the story but it doesn’t involve twins. There are two very gorgeous brothers though, but they really don’t know… yet they’re being taken on a ride and I ain’t giving away nothing else.

So how do you get a peak at it huh?

Well, we’re all adults right?

But I’m feeling kinda wicked.

Got a question in my head that only very few can guess IF YOU READ THE STORY!

Which one, you ask?

What was the fake name Grae used when she wanted to keep her identity hidden from Ezekiel?

This is the password to the story called: DOUBLE PLAYING at


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