Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 5

Started it off and decided to give you something to hold on to until I get back.



When he heard the doorbell, he couldn’t believe someone was actually at his door at eleven in the morning. Most of his family knew that he was usually traveling around working during the day and it was rare to catch him at home before three and after seven at night.

            He had worked so hard during the week, especially with Eartha deciding to stay at her mother’s home for a while, because she couldn’t stand her father walking around wincing all the time. Em had re-injured his back at Lethal’s home gym again and even after going to the chiropractor, he still was hurting real seriously. He knew what he needed, but he wasn’t going to go knocking on her door for help.

            Em had even tried to find the best masseuse in the city and when he had found the woman, he tried explaining what Reese had done.

            “I somewhat remember what you mean, but the only person I know who knows how to do it is dead. I mean she had a daughter named Ty, but Ty kind of disappeared out the loop and went to another city. Some real angry loan sharks were busting her ass. Other than that, I couldn’t do it and I know someone told me it’s really dangerous to do because you’re messing with the spine,” the masseuse explained.

            She rubbed him down, but all he could do was think about Reese and how gentle and effective her hands were.

            The past few weeks had been hell for him. Emperor was barely getting enough sleep at night because he feared any moment some police was going to come knocking down his door and arrest him for abusing a minor or criminal sexual conduct against a minor. Hell statutory rape charges could effect seeing his daughter. How could he be so stupid? How could he loose control like that?

            Yes, he loved sex, but he knew his limit and he knew Reese was bottom line hands off. He thought about trying other women, but he knew nothing would satisfy him, except what his body wanted, so he decided he was just going to deal with it himself and allow his hand to become his next best friend because even the company of Ethan had started to really annoy him.

            He grabbed his blue shirt off the chair only buttoning it a couple of times just to look presentable at the door in case it was some kid selling cookies or something.

            Em looked out he peephole and saw the Chevette pulling off. He opened the door excitedly, but she was all the way down the block, even though he rushed to the end of his walkway. There was a note left in his mailbox and he opened the neatly folded note.


Came by to reply to your offer again. Since you didn’t answer your door, I’ll assume you aren’t home.

 I don’t know when I will be back. Reese.


            Em stared at the corner wishing he could somehow call her. It was school hours, so why wasn’t she there? Had she been able to sneak out the school without her mother noticing? Damn him for taking so long to get to the door.

            Just as he was about to walk back up his walkway, he heard a whirring of an engine behind him and she was pulling up again. Their eyes met and he fought the urge to smile.

            Reese was looking very serious and he doubted she really wanted to see him. Maybe she had come by at this odd hour thinking he wasn’t going to be home so at least she could say she made an effort to see him.


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  1. its soooo morally wrong but its sooo good. hopefully em finds a way 2 help reese. somebody needs 2 beat her mama’s ass like onyx or blaque. she is a cruel woman.

  2. and that was toooo funny when he said juanita has a “slutty beauty”. lol what’s that? i’ve never heard of a compliment & a insult in one like that! wonder what she would think if she knew that? lmao

  3. They are really playing a cat and mouse game and I want them to get it on already. They are making me sexual frustrated. Great Post!

  4. Good post little upset though I should be used to you by now since I have known you were the queen of cliffhangers forever.

  5. Okay…….We know all the things Em wants todo to her………Come on girl….Ima bout to bust waiting……..for him to do them (lol)He needs to go ahead & realize she’s not jailbait & put ALL of us out of our misery.Great as usual….I’ll be refreshing tonight (hint…hint)Gail F.

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