Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 3.2

i starting to wonder if God is trying to tell me something whenever he makes my car breaks down whenever the gas prices goes up.


This time three valves of the four valve cyclinder stop working and the timing belt broke. I figure by next car, I’ll be an official mechanic, LOL.


But catching the bus really isn’t that bad for me and now the kids are getting acclamated to it… yes, even the baby.


She keeps asking when are we fixing the car, but I keep asking her why is she complaining since she can ride the bus for free.


My stimulus doesn’t come until July so I wasn’t even in the market and in about a week the kids are out of school. I’ll just need rides to book events and so forth but other than than I really am okay. The price of bus fare hasn’t changed, which is a good thing.


Nothing else is strange on the homefront except I keep having this re-occuring dream about staying in a house that’s way too big with ugly gaudy furniture on the second floor that no one goes in.


Is that a sign or a metaphor?




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  1. Well you are lucky you don’t have to pay for gas. My car takes 70-80 to fill up. My stimulus check don’t come to July to so we are in the same boat. But I am kind of happy I am getting it late because I can take the kids on a mini vacation.

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