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Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 3.1

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Lying to Juanita was very easy lately. Reese didn’t have that nervous stomach and the more she lied to her mother the more confident she became. So when her mother charged in her room and demanded to know why she didn’t call when she had gotten home, she said, “I tried, Mother, but a cramp overcame me and I had to rush to the bathroom and throw up.”

            Reese had conveniently made herself throw up after she had gotten home and left a little streak in the edge of the toilet to prove she had done something.

            Weakly, she said, “I think I knocked the ringer off by mistake too when I mishandled the phone.”

            Juanita accepted this excuse easily and pampered her daughter as she always did when Reese pretended to be this sick. “Babying” her daughter seemed to always calm Juanita down because she could rub in subconsciously to Reese, how much ” mother” was needed.

            Two weeks later, Reese found a reason to be away from her mother again. Juanita had accepted the position this year to be part of the senior committee and the senior president wanted help in checking out the locations for the prom early. He asked – with Reese’s prodding – Juanita to escort him to make sure the school got the best deal possible.

            “I’ll be with Jerome and the other senior council for about three hours. We’ve already called about some of the places, but now I have to see if they can really accommodate us. You’ll go home and finish your studies. I know you have testing soon and I want you to pass. I’ve highly recommended you for a lot of things, Reese and you need to come at them with really high scores if you plan on doing great things and making me look good.” Fondly Juanita caressed Reese’s cheek as if she were some four-year-old girl going n stage for her first recital. Reese no longer felt any feelings toward her mother anymore.

            For a long time she had felt this way because she felt for a long time her mother was trying to do something to her, but Reese was staying around just to see what it was that her mother wanted to do, get as much as she could and walk away with what was rightfully hers – especially her education.

            Juanita put on her coat as Reese obediently kept eye contact. “Go home, study and finish cooking the chicken.”

            Nodding in her usual docile and fearful manner, Reese followed her mother out to the parking lot and even kissed her cheek. She rode away in the direction of the house, knowing Juanita would watch her until she was out of sight. As soon as that happened, she turned a few corners and jumped on the freeway that led to his home.

            She had no idea if he was home or not, but Eartha had said her father had been a homebody lately because he wasn’t feeling well.

            The car’s brake didn’t work and she jerked the parking brake hard. That worked before she covered the driveway. Sighing in relief, she jumped out the car. Today she had worn what her mother had lain out on the bed that morning. A long dark blue ankle length skirt and a long white sleeve top, which buttoned up to her neck bringing out her pale complexion. Her thick dark blonde hair – as always -was pulled back in a tight bun that she had mastered doing herself when she really got tired of Juanita doing it so painfully she thought she couldn’t move her eyebrows.

            When she knocked at the door, it didn’t open this time and she rang the doorbell. Two seconds later, he opened the door looking harshly down at her as if she had interrupted something very important.

            She hadn’t called so she was interrupting him and she felt bad, but as he just stared down at her without saying anything. Reese really began to feel bad.

            “I didn’t know the number to the house,” she admitted and stepped back feeling uncomfortable under his hard gaze.

            “Come in,” he ordered.

            Reese hesitated. “I’ll come back another time.”

            He scowled harder. “It’s not you, it’s me,” Em admitted. I’ve been… having some problems.” More tenderly, he said, “Please, come in.”

            Walking past him and into the home, Reese saw nothing had changed, but at least this time he was clothed in a nice shirt and dress pants that were tailor made. It looked as if he had been doing some casual business as lax as he looked.

            “Did I interrupt you?” she questioned.

            “I was just reading some contracts,” he admitted.

            At least this time he was clothed in a nice shirt and dress pants that were tailor made. It looked as if he had been doing some casual business. Emperor outwardly he probably looked calm, but his insides were in more turmoil that a volcanic about to explode. For the pure frustrated life of him, he couldn’t figure it out. He felt like a damn teenager with the thought that her snatch was two feet away from him shielded only with cotton and nylon. Two things he could easily tear away very fast.

            “What about it?” he said, his tongue feeling thick in his mouth.

            Reese could felt the stiffness in his body and tone suddenly. As if he didn’t want her there. She lost the confidence about accepting his offer. “I don’t want to be a bother.”

            “I wouldn’t have offered if you were going to be a bother, Reese, but understand this, you won’t use this house to skip school.”

            Raising a light brown curiously at his “Daddy” sounding tone, she asked, “And anything else is permissible?”

            “Yes,” he answered.

            Still, Reese felt doubtful, but she wasn’t going to waste his precious time debating this in front of him. “I’ll accept sometime.”

            “Good. Follow me.” He locked the front door and pressed the security system wall unit.


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