The beginning of the last: Emperor’s Addiction

After a long hard journey – since 2006, I have decided that this will be my last live book.

Recently, after suffering through pneumonia – well, even before that, I wanted to start focusing on getting a publishing contract and so forth.

I’m going to I need more time in doing so and doing a live story every three months and also finish writing the other books that I need to complete the Hearts and Bellini series, not include Dark Facade and my daughters hackling me to finish up the two teen books I started just to get her to read more but she’s enjoying them too much.

On top of that I started school and with the internship I’m going to have to obtain, plus more consulting jobs, it’s going to be even more difficult to make sure I’m not over stretching myself.

Plus, I really want to focus on pushing Secrets, Lies and Family Ties. All my other books I’ve published I really hadn’t done much of offline promotion.

Unless I want to kill myself, and i know you don’t want that to happen – then I don’t know what else to do.

Now dont’ get me wrong. I won’t stop writing and my work will still be available and I’ll still be coming out with e-novels that ou can download. At least one free download every year like I’ve been doing. To keep an eye on that, I’m going to update the

Eventually, this blog will be shut down and I’ll just have everything over at the wordpress blog.

Slowly I’ll be adding other things to that site and then i’ll post when this one will be shut down for good.

Yeah, I know. I know. You’re upset. Well, I’m hoping you’ll come join me at that blog and see what new things I have to offer. i’ll have to recatalog everything and I’ll take the comments little by little off of here and repost them under the books at lulu.

On the second note, I’d like to thank all of you for your early donations. I was so surprised that so many people really donated this time. It’s one of the largest donations I’ve received before the book ever (That was one of the reasons why I had decided not to do this anymore, too because people were reading for free with no donations hardly).

If you would like to make a donation to the literary endeavors of mine then CLICK HERE.

third note: If you read Secrets, Lies & Family Ties, then you know about Prince Heart. A lot of people asked about that and although I haven’t sent an official press kit about it, I would like you to know that it’s available at:

Now let’s get to live blogging…. I hope that cheers you up.

The first chapter actually has been posted. Haven’t read it?

Instead of reposting and to watch my stats to see just how many people are reading instead of depending on one counter, you can click over to:

Now if this is your first live blog, please remember, you are reading off the top of my head.

I haven’t written the story at all except maybe putting some notes in a file so I can remember where I would like the story to go, although, sometimes I never see things coming like Sin’s Iniquity was a complete surprise and all the drama of Sex Weed was really off the bat.

Tanner’s Devil, I don’t think I even had a game plan. Just two characters I had to struggle blood sweat and tears in order to give a really good story.

I never can tell what’s going to happen because i’m a character driven writer and I write whatever the characters do and say in my head.

You’re actually reading off the top of my head by less than 24 hours and I could tell you what’s going to happen even if i wanted to because i wouldn’t know if it would happen or not. Like i said, I know what I want to happen, but I don’t know if that’s going to be true.

I should warn you – never judge a book by it’s cover. That’s really the only warning i have. Just because you think something is happening and it’s so very very wrong and i know i’ve written some kinky stuff – the beads in Tanner, the twins in Mistaken and the honey in Secrets/Lies. One reader said that I had the ability to make the wrong seem right.

But i’m not sick in the head, so stay with me. I’m borderline, but i’m not nasty… okay… that’s a matter of opinion because I have re-read some of my stuff and i’m blushing like crazy, LOL.

I’ll post a minimum two to three times a week. To make me post more, you’re going to have to do two things : 1.Tell people about it. The more hits I get, the more I’m encouraged to post. 2) Comment on the posts. I need and love feedback – good and bad in order to write which which will encourage me to post.

Now there will be torture. REaders don’t call me Queen of Cliffhanger for nothing, but i’ll try to keep the heart attacks more at the end of the week than in the middle. No more almost dropping Blackberries in the toilet, or screaming out at work, or passing out – well, I might do a little to make you do this, LOL.

So without further ado.

Let’s get started. Read instructions again:

Read the excerpt, post your comment and then I’ll post by the end of the day. If you want to get updates instantly, you can either subscribe to the blog by email or by yahoogroups, which will be updated just as immediately as the blog.

Now if you are apart of the yahoo group, please switch either to daily digest or no mail if you dont want to get too much until the story ends.

I’d love more interaction from the readers and I don’t mind anonymous comments either.

In the upcoming months, I’ll be doing a lot of traveling for my books. I’m at the Urban Book & Music Expo in Dearborn, Michigan, I’ll be doing some things (a lot of things) in Chicago, I’m coming to Texas in October so be on the lookout and also doing the Wagfest in Cinncinati, Ohio as well in October.

of course there’s my conference in November and then taking a big break in December as usual.

Busy writing the post for today because something comes next in this scene and Reese intrigues me.

3 thoughts on “The beginning of the last: Emperor’s Addiction

  1. Sylvia, I feel ya, girl. I’m having to switch up my game a little bit (a lotta bit) more as well. Live stories are so much fun, but also so time consuming. At times all you want to do is sit in front of the computer with your readers friends, forgetting all the other things needing to be done in your life.Balance is the key. I haven’t nailed it down in my own life yet, but I’m working on it. I have to, because I’m already been down that road of sickness and I know it ain’t fun.So feel better, Sylvia. Make whatever adjustments you need to make in your life. Take care of YOU!Suprina

  2. I noticed in this post you said you were not going to finish Dark Facade. I just wanted to let you know from one of your devoted readers that Dark Facade was and still is one of your best unfinished books. I want you to get better but do not EVER let anyone deter you from writing what YOU feel with their negativity.That book was real and it showed how we as black woman are settling for anything for a little TRINKET.KEEP IT REAL FOR YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE EITHER FALL IN LINE OR GET OUT .GOOD LUCK!

  3. Selfishly, I am sad this is your last live story. However, the important thing is for you to feel better, Sylvia. You need good health and strength with everything on your plate right now. I wish you luck and success.LaDontai

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