Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 2.2



I corrected something wrong and made her black.


Yes, she’s white because I wanted her to be that because I haven’t written a good interracial in a while. LOL.


Sorry bout that. Remember, there are going to be some bumps and bruises along the way and I’ll be the first to say I’m looney as the extinct bird.


So shuck that light caramel complexion. cause I was in a whole ‘nother story.


Okay, End of Chapter 2…. enjoy…




            She turned around and screamed at the naked giant holding a .22 caliber in her face. Dropping the folder, she pressed her back against the nearest wall beside the bed her light gray/blue eyes wide in fright.

            Emperor Heart’s dark eyes looked in disbelief as he realized who she was, but that still didn’t prompt him to lower his gun because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

            “What the fuck are you doing here?!” he repeated, but this time his tone was not so sharp.

            Her lips moved, but nothing came out of her throat. All those witty remarks she had planned to say just left her brain as she took in his nakedness. Especially the long limp staff that went halfway down his thigh nestled in golf sized dark brown orbs the same shade as the rest of his skin basked in silky hairs. It hadn’t been the first penis she’d seen but it was certainly the most perfect one. She remembered once a girlfriend in ninth grade found a way to look over into the doorway of the boy’s showers and there was no end to the coming and goings and sometimes just standing there, waiting for a free shower that she remembered seeing. Yet, she had to remember this was a man’s penis and not just any man – A wonderful specimen of flesh that God had perfected to a T.

            Emperor realized he must be frightening the fuck out of her and tossed the gun on the bed after putting the safety back on. “I thought you were a thief,” he explained. Narrowing his eyes as if it took a moment to remember, he said, “Reese, right?”

            Cautiously, she nodded her brilliant eyes like diamonds staring at his face. Her brows were very creased still frozen in fear. The unkemptness of them made her look like she had one brow and she wouldn’t move from the wall.

            Looking down at himself, he cursed under his breath and grabbed the robe off the nearest chair, wrapping it around his lean waist. “I left the door unlocked for a friend. I was coming to the school to get Eartha’s work.” He looked down at the floor by her feet and smirked in amusement. “I take it that was it?”

            She finally was able to break eye contact now that she knew she didn’t have his body to look at, although standing there with water dripping from his bare chest didn’t help. All of Eartha’s work had fallen from the folder, and she knelt to pick it up.

            He crouched down and helped pick up the papers simultaneously. Once their hands bumped and she quickly jerked away like he had burned her. Now that he saw her up close, he couldn’t believe how beautiful she really was behind those ugly thick-rimmed glasses that concealed diamond gray eyes, with long blonde lashes. Her skin flushed

            “I-I left, school early, and I-I…” She couldn’t breathe right and quickly stood up when all the papers were all off the floor. She shoved him the messed up stack feeling like an idiot and just wanting to cry – So much for her seduction. It was stupid to think a man like him would go for someone so young. He had to be over thirty-five and as handsome as he was, he could have any woman he wanted.

            Reese turned to leave, but Emperor wasn’t done with her and now that he had her face to face, he wanted to get her out of his own curiosity. “Wait,” he said, letting the papers fall out his hand to catch her arm and hold her form going back down the stairs.

            She looked up at him and felt her heart take double beats because he was closer and her thighs suddenly felt on fire. Forcing herself to speak, she said, “I thought if I could help out with her work, she would see I wasn’t really mad at her. My mom’ s just causing trouble.”

            “I understand and Karen can lose her temper when she’s really pissed,” he said, liking how soft spoken she was despite her own fluster. “I’m sorry about the gun and scaring you.”

            Reese looked down at the grip he had on her arm. His hand was even large and she was close enough to realize the top of her head just barely came to his chest. If he tried to kiss her he would have to almost bend his own body down, but that was only if she stood on her tiptoes because she was just five feet three feet.

            He released her arm instantly and Reese felt the room spin a little. “Let me put something on and I’ll walk you down. Unless you wanted to stay for a while? Eartha’s room’s got some things you might like in it.”

            Did he sound as if he were nervous?’ She asked herself. No, it was just that wishful thinking again. Emperor Heart looked like a man who knew exactly what he wanted and he didn’t want a prudish looking female that he thought no more than a close friend to his daughter.

            “I should go, Mr. Heart,” she said and started to turn around.

            “Wait, please. It’ll take two seconds.” Emperor walked in his bathroom and put on a T-shirt, socks and jogging shorts not caring he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Why did he have this fascination with this chick? He couldn’t explain the fact that he hadn’t felt this alive around a female since high school. She looked young, but not that young yet girls in high school these days always looked older, so he couldn’t really question her young appearance and those awful clothes didn’t help. Her mother was turning her into a damn nun.

            He remembered Eartha saying, “Reese doesn’t have it too good.” And even Karen had said some favorable respectable words about her as well.

            When he came out the bathroom, he frowned seeing that she wasn’t there anymore. Rushing down the steps he stopped dead in his tracks as he entered his office and saw her sitting in a chair in front of the desk.

            It reminded him of her sitting awkwardly at the desk at school, Her thick stocking covered knees were closed tightly and her hands were balled into a tight fist lying in her lap. Her back was perfectly straight and she was looking slightly away from him. This time she was staring at the bathroom door.

            “I thought you left,” he said.

            “It seemed as if you wanted to speak more to me, sir,” she said, but didn’t look his way.

            He sat down beside her and for the first time in his life he was lost for words to a female. The fact that she was white didn’t bother him. Hell, Em had gone through the colors of the rainbow with women from all over the world three times over and neither did the fact that she was young bother him. He was no sick pervert even though the salacious thoughts he was constantly fighting were bothering him a lot that he felt nothing wrong in feeling this way. Em couldn’t think of a damn word to say. Spreading his thighs wide feeling his manhood twitch significantly, he leaned forward in case his member decided to speak for him.

            “Your eye,” he said.

            She looked at him and smiled. “It’s better. It’s all gone. You do remember me?”

            He licked his bottom lip seeing he had hit something. Obviously she hadn’t thought he remembered her, but he was positive he had said her name before all this. “Yes, I can’t forget you,” he let slip out. “Eartha’s never punched anyone before.” Em quickly added, hoping it didn’t sound as if he was trying to  come on to her.

            “Eartha’s a sweet person,” she said, liking that he had said that, but wishing he hadn’t added the last part.

            there was an awkward silence as they stared at each other.

            She felt like a schoolgirl drooling over the jock and quickly averted her eyes to the side so it would look like she found the wallpaper more interesting than him. “I should go,” she said feeling really stupid as she stood up.

            He stood up with her. “Um… your mother… well, Karen said she wasn’t a very nice person.”

            As she spoke, she watched his bottom lip and counted at least four licks of his lips as he spoke.

            “I just thought if you ever needed some place to retreat to, you can take Eartha’s room sometime… if you’re ever in the neighborhood. Eartha’s real busy lately since she’s been in high school and her mother enrolled her in so many damn after school activities, I barely get my alternate weekends with her lately, but it’s cool because the room is so large and… well, you know she won’t mind.”

            An invitation? Was he inviting her to come over? No, he was treating her like a little girl and offering some help because he figured she was a good friend with his daughter and he was either feeling pity or trying to be a cool dad. That wasn’t what she really wanted. She wanted him to treat her like a woman. Like someone he was seriously interested in and wanted to make love to.

            “I should go,” she repeated.

            “Does she treat you bad?” he asked.

            With her back to him, Reese was able to hide the hurt expression on her face. “She has her reasons.”

            “There’s no reason if it makes you sad, Reese,” he pointed out.

            Tears welled in her eyes and wiped them away with her hand. “I’m just a product of many mistakes that she doesn’t want me to make.”

            Em had a powerful urge to go to her and wrap her in his arms. For some reason he wanted to protect her fiercely, make her happy and hear her laugh.

            “My offer is always open,” he insisted.

            Looking back at him, she said, “It wouldn’t be right. That’s Eartha’s room.”

            “I have a guest house out back. I’ll stock it with anything you want,” he promised.

            She smiled gratefully. “I’ll think about, Mr. Heart.”

            “Call me Em,” he offered, holding out his hand in friendship.

            Walking back to him, she placed her hand in his and gripped it firmly. “Thank you, E-Em.” It felt really awkward calling him that.

            A door shut behind them and she felt his hand jerk from her own as if he had done something very wrong.

            “Was I interrupting something?” A considerably tall white man asked from the office door.

            “Um, no Ethan. This is um…” He was lost for words again.

            “Reese,” she finished his sentence.

            “Yeah, she’s Eartha’s friend.”

            Reese saw Emperor start to sweat as if he was about to get into some kind of trouble. “Tell her to call me if she has any questions about the lessons.” She took out a paper she had pre-wrote her prepaid cell phone number on. That had been one of her rehearsed things.

            He took the paper and gently guided her to the doorway, while the friend stayed  in the office. Keeping his voice down, he asked, “You let me know when you finish thinking about it?”

            Nodding, she leaned into him and asked, “Is there something wrong?”

            A film of sweat layered his forehead as he tried to look as if nothing were wrong. “Nothing.”

            Reaching up, she presumptuously touched his forehead. It was cool to the touch. “Maybe you need to rest, sir.” There was a joking twinkle in her eye.

            Emperor removed her hand not liking how his body reacted powerfully to her touch.

            She had done it without forethought suddenly very comfortable around him and doing something that felt so natural, but understanding that he probably didn’t want her to touch him. “I’m sorry.”

            “I’m sure it’s not rest I need, Reese.”

            Stiffening up, she left out the home and went to her vehicle. He watched her the entire time until she pulled away. Reese was shaking with nervousness and happiness. He had made an effort to make her welcome back at his home.

            True, his pity made her a bit upset, but if she could just make him forget that she didn’t really care for her mother’s rules and if they were broken, then she could get him to see her as a person and soon as a woman. Maybe then he would be tempted to reach out to her as a man and….

            The idea of experiencing something like she always saw in those romantic movies made her heart flutter and now that she had seen him, well, now she really had something to go with her fantasies.

            She wasn’t even around the corner from his home when she decided to pull over and think about what had just happened. Closing her eyes, she leaned her head back and thought about Emperor standing there in all his glory, without the gun shoved in her face. He was delicious to look at. A black Adonis. A dark David with larger proportions. This thought made her giggle to herself.

            She could just imagine him tossing the gun aside, pulling her in his arms and leaning down with those firm lips and pressing them with confidence against her receptive mouth. Looking around, Reese apprehensively scoped out the area to see if anyone was around. When she felt the coast was clear, she nervously bit her lips to initiate what she usually did in private, yet was now strongly compelled to ignore normality.

            With a stealth mission, she managed to she sneak her hand up her dress, under her stockings and press her index finger and middle finger against the sensitive nub, rubbing it slowly as her fantasy expanded to Emperor lying her on the bed after he had taken all her clothes off…

*          *          *

            Em returned in the room and went right past Ethan to lock himself up in the bathroom. He needed to take another cold shower, but he couldn’t ignore the raging hard-on between his legs. Lowering his pants, he wrapped his fingers around the base and felt his already rapid heartbeat increase. Closing his eyes, all he could think of was those beautiful diamond blue/gray eyes, thin pink lips pursing in nervousness and innocence. How he wanted to pull every damn pin out of her hair and run his fingers from her nape to her forehead until he had embedded the softness in his memory for life. His mouth would take hers and tenderly show those lips how to kiss a real man, not those damn high school boys.

            “Fuck!” he cursed, hating the torture he was putting himself through. Throwing open the medicine cabinet he found the petroleum jelly and wiped it on his tip, then he griped himself firmly and began to massage from the tip to the base in long strokes. He used both hands not getting enough coverage with just one of his hands.

            She would be so tight. So firm and her warmness would hug him in a death embrace he would want to die in.

*          *          *

            As frightened as she would be, knowing it was Emperor there between her legs, she would welcome him, opening as he would press into her, filling her with his mighty scepter and impaling her with sweet, sweet pleasure. He’d curve his body and take her, relishing in knowing he was the first and making love to her so long and tenderly, she would cry as they orgasmed together.

            The tingling increased and she bit her lip as the pulsing peaked. “Emmm.” It was supposed to sound like a moan from her lips, but it sounded so much like the nickname he wanted to call her and it sounded even more sensuous to her ears. Just the idea of him being in her made her release and she gasped her giddiness and desire.

*          *          *

            So tight. So wet and all his. Yes! Damn his desires! His control! His wantonness!

            Throwing his head back, Em let his release shoot from him, landing all the way on the edge of the tub that was about two feet away.

            Fuck! What in hells name had gotten into him?

            He didn’t open his eyes until he was positive he had his breathing under control and the room had stopped spinning. Never in his life had he thought exclusively about just one female and for some reason he had a feeling this time… she was really there.

            It was the craziest thought, but it made so much sense.

            He prayed she didn’t take him up on his offer because he wasn’t sure if he could resist the urge to not have her.

*          *          *

            Her eyes went straight to the clock in her car. Juanita’s words rang in her ear, “Go straight home!”

            Juanita didn’t even know she was going to deliver the folder. Reese didn’t want her to know.

            Using a handi-wipe she kept in her purse, she cleaned her hand, started up her car and drove home as quickly as possible. Juanita hadn’t made it home from school yet, but there were three messages on the machine and Caller ID read the school’s phone number.

            Clicking the ringer off the phone, she went upstairs and took a shower. She washed her wet underwear by hand in the bathroom sink and then laid down n her bed feeling very content.

            This one had been different. Really different. It was as if he were really there on some deep level of subconsciousness.

            Maybe he had really been thinking about her after she had left and some way, in this weird universe, they had connected because they were thinking about each other at the same time. Although, she was sure Emperor Heart was not thinking about her as she had thought about him… yet, a girl could dream, right?

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