Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 2.1

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Forcing the Chevette’s gear stick to park, she slowly released her foot off the brake hoping the car would stay stationary. She hadn’t gotten the brakes fixed like she was supposed to with the little money her mother allowed her to have. Reese had other needs for the money and she couldn’t let Juanita Carver know about that.

            Ever since her mother had been “controlling her life” severely for as long as she could remember, when she was sixteen Reese woke up and realized that her mother had no intentions of ever letting her go and that there was something going on, but if she left – ran away from Juanita – she would be walking away with nothing, this included any education she tried to obtained because her mother was so heavily connected in the education system.

“You walk out of here and I’ll make even your silly high school diploma disappear off the radar,” Juanita had threatened one time.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Reese had earned a D average, but she had been a 4.0 student for as long as she could remember and she’d even gotten a scholarship for college.

As years progressed, Juanita’s control on her became tighter and tighter until Reese felt like she couldn’t breath unless she asked for her mother’s permission.

Now there was a lot of defiance in Reese and she fought tooth to hide it from her mother, but her reasons for pulling in front of Emperor Heart’s home was pure defiance to any of Juanita Carver’s order.

            Grabbing the folder, she sighed with relief knowing the car would remain where it was supposed to be without her putting bricks behind the back and front tires. It was so embarrassing and right now, she really didn’t want the embarrassment around Emperor Heart.

            Emperor Heart,’ she said to herself dreamily. Ever since seeing that tall fine specimen of man that was all she could think about. If Juanita knew the fantasies that had come over her daughter, she would have dragged Reese to church immediately and made her pray for forgiveness until the cows came home. Clutching the folder close to her full bosom, she made her way up the walkway of the ranch style home and rang the doorbell.

            She ran over what she was going to say when she saw him. “Hey, remember me?…Yeah, no black eye this time.” With her candy caramel complexion light coloring, the black eye had been horrendous to face every morning and she bruised so easily.

            Juanita may have thought she was taking away all pleasures in Reese’s life, but her daughter had great peripheral vision and Emperor Heart was not a man one could ignore. Broad shouldered, thickly built, powerful long thighs and ebony eyes that seem to see everything and nothing all at once. For an instant, she thought she saw him have some kind of interest in her, but she was probably wrong and her wishful thinking was dying to be true.

            “I was leaving school early and instead of you coming all the way up there, I thought I would just bring this by.” That sounded even better.

            Reese rang the doorbell again.

            Faking stomach cramps was very easy since it was near her period. Juanita thought she had really bad menstrual cramps because Reese had been faking it all her life just to get some time away from her mother’s watchful eye.

            Some mother’s preached, “Whatever you can’t do in front of mother, don’t do at all.” Juanita’s motto was, “Always stay with mother and you won’t do anything bad.” Even when they were home alone, Juanita rarely let her leave her sight. No doors were allowed to be locked or closed even to go to the bathroom.

            Even though Reese was past the point of needing parental responsibility in her life, Juanita still insisted that Reese stay with her. The many times Reese tried to move out, Juanita made sure that it was difficult for her and running away was just to difficult unless it was out of state where Juanita couldn’t pull on the ear of the teacher’s board to make it hard for Reese to get a job away from her mother.

            Juanita had her reasons for all the tight security – or a least that’s what Reese told herself. She was terrified that Reese would turn out like her, when she was younger. Wild and promiscuous, not sure who was her father, Reese grew up around partying and drugs, watching her mother solicit men for money and do whatever she had to do to get by and get her educational degree.

            When Juanita was blessed with this great job as a teacher, she suddenly got some kind of religion and forced her daughter to conform to their new way of life. Reese hated this “religion” and she told her mother on several occasions; all of which, Reese received a cruel slap to the mouth.

            Knocking on the door, it opened easily in front of her, but no one stood there. Stepping in the cherry wood decorated interior, she looked down at the stand by the door. Jaguar keys were there and she knew he was in the right now.        

“Hello,” she called, but there was no answer. Holding the folder even tighter to her chest, she shrieked as the front door closed automatically behind her.

            Turning around and looking at it, she saw there was some strange electronic device that powered the door to make it open and close, which was probably how the door had opened in the first place when she had knocked.

            Detroit was not a safe place to leave any door open so she figured that this security device had been turned off on purpose in expectation of someone.

            Walking to the living room, there was no one around, but she was too interested marveling at the expensive furniture and artwork around the place. What did Eartha say her father did? Communication Systems? Something like that. He was some kind of army electronic whiz and decided to open up his own business.

            Going back to the foyer, she knew he had to be around because his keys were here and the security was off the front door. ‘Maybe he was in the kitchen,’ she assumed.

            Walking down to the end of the hallways, she passed a dining room able to seat about ten people, and at the end was a kitchen to the left of the house – very large and fully equipped to host a very nice party. Next to the kitchen was an office where she was positive Emperor did all his work and then some. Every piece of new technology occupied the room and some of it she had never even seen before. It was very tempting to go and sit behind his desk, just to experience a closeness to him, but she resisted the urge too curious about where he could be.

            Right before the office was a bedroom and she surmised this was Eartha’s room, because it contrasted drastically with the cherry wood decor of the house by displaying bright pinks and other girly things that Reese couldn’t imagine Emperor having any interest in. Eartha had told Reese her father had designed the house the way he wanted it and tore down the bedroom walls in the house, making it one for her so that she could have enough room to do whatever she wanted to do without bothering him.

            And indeed that was right. Eartha had everything any girl of fourteen could dream about in her room and there was a balcony that led to the backyard where there was a pool and covered Jacuzzi.

            Why the child chose to stay at her mother’s house Reese couldn’t fathom. She could die in this room as perfect as it was even though she had grown out of pink years ago.

            That just showed her that any woman in his life would get anything from him they wanted, but Reese wasn’t stupid, nor was she naïve as she looked – or her mother thought her to be. She knew woman salivated over Emperor Heart. She had heard Eartha say many times about how these woman were always throwing themselves at him and how no woman seemed to ever want to say no to him. Even his ex-wife admitted she would still sleep with the man because he was just pure magnificent with a capital “M.”

            Reese had heard most all of these at PTA meetings her mother volunteered at and Reese had to sit in the back and wait for it all to be over with until the end because Juanita didn’t want her at home alone.

            Knowing so much about him, but never seeing him was strange and in a way, Reese had come to like the man a little even before setting eyes on him. Even though he was black and she was white, she found him to be fascinating. Reese wanted to be different and she was sure other women had tried to be different with him. Ever since she had set sights on Emperor Heart, she knew what her mission was – to entice this man beyond all reason and have him between her legs. Her next step after that was to let Juanita Carver know she had given her virginity up to that man and let all hell break loose after that.

            Something above her head was moving, but she had not seen that there was flight of stairs in the house. Going back to the office, she walked in and saw there were three doors. One of them was a large closet; the second was a bathroom that shared with Eartha’s room and the third door was a flight of stairs.

            Reese remembered how Eartha told her that Emperor designed the house specifically so that it was his own design – unique and relaxing, yet complex.

            There was certainly complexity around this place, Reese thought as she mounted the stairs hoping she was going the right way. As she came to the top of the darkened stairway, she opened the door and she was positive she stepped into some type of sinful pleasure den.

            Black was the primary color scheme as she stared at the huge bed bathe in black silk sheets. Above her head, was a large sunroof with special shutters to block or give way to the sun light. Currently the shutters were open and the room was soaked in natural light.

            The black carpet was soft and soothing under her feet. Yet despite the rest of the opulent room, she couldn’t take her eyes off the bed and that was where she found herself standing next to. Slowly, she reached her hand out and placed it on the pillow that was still dented form his head. Leaning down, she buried her face in the silk fabric, smelling his essence still vibrant.

            “What the fuck are you doing here?” a deep voice growled behind her.

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  5. so is reese black or white, b/c first it explain her complexion to be a ligt candy carmel but then says that he is black and she is white?

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