Live Story in 5 Days: Emperor’s Addiction. Are you ready?


The one woman he knew he should never EVER touch is the one that can cure the pain that he’s endured his whole life.

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1st Chapter EXCERPT

Now I know many of you have never read a Heart story and a lot of you do ask me, who’s related to whom.
I have been slowly working on a family chart and there are a lot of books with Hearts in it.
First you should know Lethal Heart. He’s kind of the king of the family. Most of the Heart’s of Detroit surround around him and are on his side. There’s a large family beef which is going to be put on the table once again between Lethal and King Heart, who is out of Chicago. The oldest out of all the cousins and of course the most difficult to get a hold on. I don’t even like to be in his head sometimes because of what goes through there. (Yeah, I know I sound looney for an author, but you have to be if you want to keep up with the hearts.) With Lethal’s long time experience in the army – his clearance is so secret and his power is all known, he could arrange to have tea with the President of the United States by nightfall and have secretly been linked to wiping out Saddam Husseium’s personal army – by himself. He’s classified as a weapons expert and bull-eye master. He left the army as one of the youngest highest ranking official, but worked for the government until he was 27 in secret missions, double agent assignments and even deep cover operations. He’s never failed to anyone’s knowledge…yet.
After Lethal, the secondary famous one is: Onyx Heart.
She’s Lethal’s little sister and about the only woman who he has deep respect for since their mother is dead. She’s also the only woman and person, who could physically kick Lethal’s ass. Onyx joined the army but decided not to make a long career of it like her brother. Although the government has classified her body as a lethal weapon since she is second to know in hand to hand combat, taking out men ten times her size of five foot four. Never a happy camper with peace and happiness for others, she loves chaos and if she has a chance to get her nose in things she will do it.
Fan favorites are:
Blaque Heart
She appeared only in Teach Me to Love, but is a thorn in Onyx’s side and they’ll eventually have it out in the love story surrounding Onyx, which you guys have yet to figure out who I’m hooking her up with although one reader was almost close). Black is a mercenary, but because of her beef with Onyx, she’s not too keen to come on American soil unless the price is right. Blaque is the Heart’s of Chicago’s youngest member.
King Heart (first appeared in Sin’s Iniquity and mentioned heavily in Sex Weed)
Moved to Chicago after getting on Lethal’s bad side and won’t step foot in Detroit, because Lethal’s last words were if he did, he won’t get the other foot in before his heart stopped beating.
Another to side with King and cause the great riff in the family were Queen, his second in command to his black market business and sister. She’s also a lesbian and not a very nice woman. Word on the street is that he’s a homosexual, but we’ll see.
Queen Heart (first appeared in Sin’s Iniquity and then in Sex Weed)
Even though she’d take a bullet for her brother and if he orders it she’d do it, she and Onyx were always good cohorts so they never allow their brother’s riff to get between their friendship, nor is
Queen upset that Onyx wants to kill her little sister – they just never talk about it.
There’s also Mandingo (first appeared in Sin’s Iniquity and then heavily in His Substitute Wife), Sheriff Heart (has his own book called Baby Doll and his King’s half brother), Red Heart (has his own book Red Heart and appears in Emperor’s Addiction). Smaller ones are Delicious (nicknamed Del who appears in Tanner’s Devil), Salacious (nicknamed Sal, who appears in Dark Facade) and even Treasure (Del’s sister and serves as his tongue, who makes an appearance in Tanner’s Devil).
To see the listing of books with Hearts in them and to catch up on all the family’s gripes, go to:
If I’m missing one, please let me know or chime in on the board. I’m not perfect. These stories are available in ebook and/or paperback.
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