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Book Specifics

Title:Secrets, Lies & Family Ties (formerly titled: Sweet Reunion)
Author: Sylvia Hubbard –
Publication Date: August 2007
10 Digit ISBN/SKU: 0979792827
13 Digit ISBN/SKU: 978-0-9797928-2-3
Publisher: HubBooks Literary Services-
Category: Sensual Noir, Contemporary Woman, Suspense Intrigue
Book Release: May 2008

Book Description

Perfect Opportunities can lead to perfect wickedness

From the author that brought you Mistaken Identity. The twins are back helping a friend find what he wants.

Grae is given the perfect opportunity to be someone she is not. She gives herself to the man she has dreamed about since high school.

With every twist and turn, Ezekiel Chambers finds that he can never be the son his father wants him to be. Now this mysterious woman has turned his world upside down and for the first time in his life, Ezekiel actually has a reason to stand up for what he wants against his cruel father.

Can Grae tell Ezekiel who she really is or should she just walk away from the best thing they’ve ever experienced?

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5 thoughts on “Secrets, Lies & Family Ties going to paperback

  1. you could also use the links and forward this post to all your reading friends.And don’t forget, Secrets, Lies and family ties is an interacial as well.

  2. <>other reviews on the books are: <><><><>Reviewed by Afrika Midnight Asha Abney – < HREF="" REL="nofollow"> <><><>Rating: Five Stars Rating<> Secret, Lies & Family Ties is a very intriguing romance novel that has been written by Sylvia Hubbard and published by HubBooks. It is very well written from beginning to end and the main character Grae is depicted very well throughout the entire story. I believe that the title that Sylvia chose is very profound, it is something that everyone can relate to. The cover is very interesting and catching, it is indeed a winner. I believe often sometimes, we have to be someone we are not, to appeal to other people or family members taste. Sometimes, when we want to be ourselves, family members get the best of us, and cause us to lie or be someone we really are not. I believe in Sylvia’s book, Secret, Lies & Family Ties depicted the very essence of this concept. Although, this is a fictional novel, it also happens in real life. Congratulations Sylvia on an excellent job! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your book and sharing your book with me. Stay Blessed~<><><>Reviewed by Idrissa Uqdah for The African-American Literature Book Club<><>< HREF="" REL="nofollow"> <><><>What’s Done In The Dark<><> Author, Sylvia Hubbard has written a wonderful sensual tale of intrigue and family drama in her latest release, Secrets, Lies & Family Ties. The novel was a very different blend of sex, betrayal, family secrets, murder and corporate espionage written by a very imaginative writer.<> The story opens as the characters prepare to attend the first reunion ten years after graduation from GreenLow’s Academy, a private high school. The main character, Grae still held issues from her high school experience. She was the overweight and not so attractive young girl who had lost her mother and had never known her father. She was on scholarship being raised by a lawyer who was her guardian. A very focused student, she never had the time to enjoy the normal activities of teen life. She was determined to succeed and become the smartest Black woman n the planet. <> Ten years later; it looked like she had accomplished her goal. She had come to the reunion with hopes of reuniting with Ezekiel without him being aware of who she really was. From that point on, the storyline got hot and heavy. Hubbard’s tale of mystery and intrigue was what readers would call a real roller coaster ride. I was not prepared for some of the highs and lows and the dips and turns as this story unfolded. I just loved this book.<> Grae, a shy and reclusive young woman stepped out of the box and gave the arrogant and deceitful Zeke a real run for his money. She became the woman of his dreams that he just had to capture. As the real story of her parentage was revealed and so many family secrets of the other characters were told, the bits and pieces came together that gave the reader an ending they never expected. I was hooked as Hubbard’s story wove a tale of betrayal, murder and secrets way beyond my imagination. If you are tired of the usual stories that one can easily guess at, then Secrets, Lies & Family Ties is the book for you. You’ll love the different personalities of her characters, her descriptive settings and the fast paced action in this novel.<><><>Reviewed by Angie at < HREF="" REL="nofollow"> <><><><>Circle of Love<><> Sylvia Hubbard came with a different twist to a love story. It wasn’t that the story was not predictable; it was told well and made you want to know what happened between Grae and Zeke. You also saw how her mother’s life played a major roll throughout the story. I found Secrets Lies and Family Ties to be a quick and enjoyable read. <>

  3. Here’s another book review from APOO:Title: Secrets, Lies & Family TiesAuthor: Sylvia HubbardAPOOO Rating: 5Amazon Rating: 5A Second Chance At Seduction Secrets, Lies & Family Ties by Sylvia Hubbard spins the tell of a woman that gets a second chance to live the life she always wished could belong to her. Grae Reed is looked upon as a new person when she shows up at her high school reunion. A lot of this is due in part to a dramatic weight loss. Though her outer appearance has changed, she still remains a wallflower in her mind. But a fateful evening could change all of that when her high school crush wants to serve her up on a platter. Ezekiel Chambers was the man that Grae admired from afar but was too shy to approach during their high school years together. Grae feared that her overweight body and bad skin would be a turnoff to the popular, rich white boy. Now, years later, with her identity a secret, will Grae let her guard and her clothes down to experience what she has always fantasized about?At first glance, this book may look to be just a tale of a mysterious woman who contemplates giving into temptation. This is so not true! Ms. Hubbard delivers enough twists, turns, mystery and intrigue that will leave the reader breathless and anticipating the next turn of the page. But the schemes will not be the only thing leaving the reader breathless. The erotic love scenes will feed the imagination of the reader as well and may cause their temperature to rise. The other characters created by Ms. Hubbard in this novel only strengthen the storyline and add to the element of surprise and shock. The reader will be able to tell that Ms. Hubbard took great lengths to make sure each character was well-developed and would add to the plot in their own unique way. This tale could only be told by Ms Hubbard with such eloquence and style. This book is highly recommended to those readers that love the sensual with a touch of suspense.Reviewed by Sharon RussAPOOO BookClub

  4. Sylvia Hubbard never fails…………, May 22, 2008 By J. L. Landry “vampire lover” (Richmond, CA) – See all my reviews Sylvia Hubbard nevers fails to present intriguing stories that keep you saying “OMG, no she didn’t!” The main characters Ezekiel and Grae belong together. Their road to romance is rocky with their own hangups, interfering friends, so-called friends, and Zeke’s dad. There is no such thing as a smooth relationship in Ms. Hubbard’s stories and I thank her for it. I always hate for the story to end but there’s always another Sylvia Hubbard story on the way. If you haven’t read any of her stories, you are in for a real treat.

  5. Sylvia does it again., May 21, 2008 By J. McNeil (Baltimore, MD USA) – See all my reviews Full of drama and suspense, Sylvia Hubbard’s “Secrets, Lies & Family Ties” is sure to be a fast paced read. All of the characters are highly entertaining (especially those twins Jerome and Tyrone from Mistaken Identity) and the chemistry between Grae and Ezekiel is undeniable. However, their road to happiness is lined with people out for revenge including Ezekiel’s best friend. I can’t really say too much without giving away the entire story, but all of the twists and turns (and sex scenes) in this book make it a highly enjoyable read.

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