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Secrets, Lies & Family Ties going to paperback

Help One Of Your Favorite Authors Out!
I am calling on all my fans to help me make this one of the most successful book launches for me ever!
Secrets, Lies and Family Ties is finally released and needs your help! (Remember, the more help you give me, the more I’ll be able to stay at home and write and you’ll like that one.)
Did you read Secrets, Lies & Family Ties? Submit a review on the guestbook at my website ( or really do me one good. If you have an account at Amazon, please submit it there.

Are you part of a book club? Nominate it for a monthly read. I’ll be happy to do an online chat, a telephone chat (I’ll even call long distance), or a face to face meeting in the five midwest state area around Michigan. You can download an unedited excerpt at:

If you’re doing an event, invite me to come speak. I have workshops on various subjects from writing to intimacy to being a single mother raising three kids and being a superwoman. I want to be like a VISA card – everywhere!

Professional reviewers or if you have a review company and wish for a review galley of the book or galley, please contact me. I can do an email galley (instant) or paperback (which takes longer).

So you’ve helped me bring readers in by telling peoople about me, now use me. Use me like i’m your step child and help me promote this book so you can reap the benefits when I stay at home and write for you all day. I have at least five books inside of me that I have to get out and if I stay home more, that’s incentive for more books to pop in my head.

Everyone wins!

I get a great book launch with your help. You get more books to read! And the world gets to discover what you already new – good writer.

Contact me for more information.

Book Specifics

Title:Secrets, Lies & Family Ties (formerly titled: Sweet Reunion)
Author: Sylvia Hubbard –
Publication Date: August 2007
10 Digit ISBN/SKU: 0979792827
13 Digit ISBN/SKU: 978-0-9797928-2-3
Publisher: HubBooks Literary Services-
Category: Sensual Noir, Contemporary Woman, Suspense Intrigue
Book Release: May 2008

Book Description

Perfect Opportunities can lead to perfect wickedness

From the author that brought you Mistaken Identity. The twins are back helping a friend find what he wants.

Grae is given the perfect opportunity to be someone she is not. She gives herself to the man she has dreamed about since high school.

With every twist and turn, Ezekiel Chambers finds that he can never be the son his father wants him to be. Now this mysterious woman has turned his world upside down and for the first time in his life, Ezekiel actually has a reason to stand up for what he wants against his cruel father.

Can Grae tell Ezekiel who she really is or should she just walk away from the best thing they’ve ever experienced?

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As always thank you for supporting my literary endeavors and see you in a couple of weeks with Emperor’s Heart.

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