Emperor’s Addiction Excerpt

The one woman he knew he should never EVER touch is the one that can cure the pain that he’s endured his whole life.

With promises broken, lines crossed, morals forgotten and a woman with a mysterious past, he’s dead set on making her…



The harder he hit, the more it hurt, so he pressed his whole weight into it and knocked it repeatedly until his back was screaming with pain. Yet, it felt good. It felt so good to feel the hot steak run down his spine and grip his muscles until he felt like his whole body was going to collapse. Pausing for a moment to wipe the sweat off his face, he quickly started back up again ignoring the pain as much as he could, but when it got really bad, he would bite his lip and keep going…READ MORE

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1st Chapter EXCERPT

Chapter Breakdowns

8 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Excerpt

  1. I really loved the expert. Eartha is a trip! I really like her character…lol. How old is Reese and why is her mother on her like that? Is she going to be crazy?

  2. so that is the sexy ethan from “love like this”? how is he cousins with emperor? is nicole a heart too?? and who’s emperor’s brothers? i need a heart/bellini family tree! i thought you had made one a looooong time ago.. do you still have it?

  3. Love the expert and I can not wait for the story to start. I turned one of my co-worker onto your books and she is HOOKED. I let her read Diary of A………..Let me just say she thought it was WICKED……….LMAOSEE YA SOON!

  4. I just got an email that said the live story was 73 days away according to the one I see right it is 66 days away. Please tell me you haven’t extended it.

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