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What I’m Reading: Destiny … Interupted by Erica N. Martin & Greg Jones

Written from two different perspectives, Destiny.Interrupted shows how one relationship can take on two different skins. Erin Lynch is a recently divorced, accomplished writer who has put her heart on lock down and thrown away the key. Her issues with trust have her impervious to love.that is until she meets Oricho Hamilton, a man that has the world in the palm of his hand. Oricho is a player on a mission. Graced with good looks, a killer personality and the ability to smooth talk a woman out of her panties and her social security number. But when Erin crosses his path, she touches his soul like no woman ever has before. When they find each other it’s a match made in heaven. But both of their pasts threaten the connection. When tragedy strikes, their love is tested in ways that they would never imagine. Though destined to be together, will Oricho and Erin’s relationship survive under the stresses of the many distractions or will Destiny be Interrupted? Destiny.Interrupted is packed with surprises, twists and underlying lessons. A story of trust, faith and forgiveness that will touch everyone’s heart that reads it.

Erica N Martin by Second Time Media & Communications

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