Pre – Stealing Innocence III Cover

9 thoughts on “Pre – Stealing Innocence III Cover

  1. Sylvia I’m feeling the cover. I just wish the SI3 could be a little lower- maybe right underneath the belly button…LOL Just playin 🙂

  2. JR Boss I ain’t playing we need to see more chest. Also with a name like lethal there should be a gun or something to show his lethalness if that is a word but hopefully you get my meaning.

  3. who’s chest is that? does he come with the book? yeah he does need a gun or the pic could go a lil lower and sho the OTHER gun hehehehe i mean he’s still lethal with either one!! carmel plz shoot me 1st cuz i dunno how we gonna live for 75 more days!!!!!

  4. I’ll think about addin the gun somewhere. I think hanging off the H would be cool.and no eva you can’t shoot yourself either.

  5. Observation…I thought I noticed that Lethal’s book would be out in 2007. 2k8 is almost over!

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