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Pursuing Mrs. Regrets live story by (reader & author) Suprina Frazier

FYI, reader and author, Suprina Frazier has started her live story, Pursuing Mrs. Regrets, so while you’re waiting on me, check her out, comment a lot and keep her encouraged.

You go gurl!!

Foreword: This book contains some very sensitive subject matter. It is intended for mature audiences only – eighteen (18) and up.

About Story:
Delia Valentine is married to her regrets, which makes it impossible for any man to get next to her. Her biggest regret is killing the father of her children. If only E-Blade hadn’t slept with her cousin Cami. Then maybe he wouldn’t be dead, Cami wouldn’t be in prison, and Delia wouldn’t feel so undeserving of love.

Royal Seeger knows all about Delia’s past. And yet he still loves and wants her. More importantly, he still wants a life with her. Yet a mystery man with three aliases poses a serious threat to Royal and Delia’s union. This same mystery man has Delia at a major crossroad.

Will she stay and embrace a full life with Royal? Or will Delia go with the mystery man and try to recapture what was lost?

Here’s the first chapter to start you off:

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