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His Substitute Wife… Links and last comments from Author

Good morning guys

Just in case you didn’t get the notice, I’m done and finished with the book.

To download the PDF, please go to:

With Thursday being around the corner, I have compiled the HTML for the book.

Click the Buy NOw button to purchase your copy if you cannot download it from Lulu or do not want the PDF.

If you’ve had trouble downloading, please email with the receipt and it’ll be resolve asap.

Since the book is so large, I have placed the price at only $1.50. I usually make it a dollar in it’s first week, but this was like blood sweet and tears and it’s word count is equal to almost two books. After Monday, that price will no longer be available and the book will be online for $3.00.

I think I ended it well. I don’t think I left any stone unturned and I hope I have given you a very fun ride for the money.

I want to thank all of you for your support to my literary endeavors and please please tell others about me and encourage them to come to the site to purchase my books.

Your support is so appreciated and your word of mouth is so wanted and needed.

I’ve had three request for the next live story and I’ve love to hear what you think…

(post your opinion in the comments and we’ll see. I’m not promising anything, but your consideration will be taken into account for the decision.)

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