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Chapter 47

no notes today. I did read and approve your comments and gawd, I’m really getting depressed because the story is coming to an end.

BTW, I was going to get back on the query to an agent / publisher horse and start sending my work out for major publishing. I thought about it long and hard and want to make a serious investment of time in trying to get a distribution deal.

But I’d love your help in helping me choose two titles you think I should push. I want to know your favorite story. (Add it to the comments.)

You know it’s amazing what i get done on the bus on the way back and forth from work. at this rate, I might never drive again as I type on my little Jornada.

People look at me while I’m typing and listening to Musiq and I ignore them because if you make too much eye contact in Detroit you’re either looking for a fight or you want conversation. I want neither so I just stay to myself.

I typed this one just this morning on the bus and it was real emotional so I ended up crying while typing. I didn’t go back over it to make sure it looked okay. I’m tired and exhausted. I’m really going to miss Charisse and Parker.

I’ll update later on. After lunch. …

okay, as usual try to enjoy…


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