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Author’s Note 03/05/08

last night I went to see Semi-Pro.

Omg! that was something sick all together but entertaining.

I think moviegoers are expecting too much and forget that movies are just entertainment. They’re starting to take things too serious. And ruining for us who still see this as just entertainment.

Anyhoo, it snowed 7 inches in detroit and it was just ugly. I hope its quiet today, but they just declared a state of emergency.

Kids stayed home from school so I’ll be getting calls all day about someone hitting each other.

Lawd, hap mercy

Here’s the comments from yesterday and yes I’m typing as we speak.

Paula: yes, she most likely will even if it’s just for stalling.

Most likely I won’t start another one until May or June.

tanya: simple misunderstanding that can be cleared up if Parker feels with his heart and not thinks with his head.

Julia: i hope you didn’t fall off the edge of your seat and I can’t help it with the cf’s. it’s in my nature. Great comments. I enjoyed them immensensely!

cinquetta: awww, (blushing) i’m honored.

Tori: i don’t feel bad for Cheyenne. I really do hate her but a lot of times in life I see evil winning all the time and the sometimes the only way good conquers it is in books, movies and sports events. I know this is a pessimistic view of it all, but that’s kinda what I’m feeling.

Anonymous: see Julia’s comments and I hope he does figure it out in time.

eva: 1)she was delirious 2) I’m different you know that.3)I agree about that with every new story my imagination gets more wicked and twisted. I live a very boring life and i gotta find adventure some how. And yes I did run that kids over in Stone’s Revenge (laughing wickedly) he hee heee heeeee haa 4) She’s breaking the cycle in her own way. She’s trying to be a better mother. 5) still trying.

CB: that was funny how you casually called Parker that. It was like you were standing there talking to me and we were hanging out by the water cooler.

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