Chapter 46

okay, I lied.

Last one for the day fer’real now.



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His Substitute wife… My Sister Chapter 46 (c) 2008 sylvia Hubbard

12 thoughts on “Chapter 46

  1. Dammint she couldn’t have lived long enough to explain what was going on? Plus dummy should already know that he can trust Charisse and not Cheyenne.

  2. OKAY SYLVIA IM NOT OPENING MY MOUTH NO MORE SINCE YOU MIGHT KILL OUR MAIN CHARACTER!!! 1) omg wtf how you gon do that 2 parker nd have chyna not answer his questions??? OMG it was a simple question gurlie! 2) omg wtf i had a feeling this was gonna be a non-traditional birthing and it was not gonna be in a hospital3) OMG i think w/ every story your wicked imagination gets even more twisted lol. and did you really run over those kids in stone’s revenge?? 😮 oh dearie4) OMG WTF what about breakin the cycle cheyenne? do u even hear yourself?? why would anybody wanna call you mama? you crazy psycho lint licking mcstinky face PUT THEM KIDS DOWN!! 5)its funny how you say cheyenne looked like she was wearing charisse’s clothes.. the one who didnt seem so loco in the end is CRAZY and the one that was supposed 2 be loco is really the nice loveable one WHO HAS 2 STAY ALIVE AND HAVE HER H.E.A.!!! PLEASE!!!

  3. Dammit Sylvia, why did you have to confuse Parker so much. Grrrr oh well lol. He will figure it out i hope, and get his ass to the cabin pronto. Super Great posts today sylvia.


  5. That is crazy! Do he really think that Charisse did that to her? If so he is an asshole and I would really hate him. These has been some emotional chaptersI tell ya. I am going to bed with my nerves all bad…lol.

  6. Sylvia, you are an amazing writer. I bow to your talent. Cheyenne is crazy. Why she torture Chyna that crazy. I just hope Chyna got a few licks in…one to the right and two to the left. Parker don’t get stupid and believe Charisse is the one that hurt Chyna. You know it was Cheyenne sick ass. Now Parker get on your white horse and save your woman.Charisse use that sarcastic mouth and your knife to save your ass. GO GET YOUR BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Okay Sylvia, you had me sittin’ on the edge of my seat, then you left me hangin’ there! So, so cruel! Great post! Parker needs to hurry up and get to that cabin! And he should bring as many Hearts as he can.

  8. nuh uh…slyvia, you just didn’t do that did ya’??you actually let chyna die wrecking this kind of havoc in Parker’s life?!!! planting this bomb of treachery?? nuh uh…someone tell me she just didn’t do that?as for cheyenne…a person could feel for the heffa if she had at least repented of her evilness but she gettin’ even more wicked, when is she gonna be stopped? and when is fat joanie gonna grow a backbone? yeah…probably neverand Parker they told you to save the one you love, you sure as heck know who you love so take a step forward even though the going just got rough…man if slyvia was gonna have chyna stay alive to make a bigger mess with Parker’s head then she should have let her die when house blew up..sheeesh!!excellent post QOCH !!!!(Queen of Cliffhangers)Tanya

  9. **************WARNING….YELLING BELOW************WHAT IS WRONG WITH JOANIE LETTING THIS TRAMP PUSH HER AROUND. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD CHEYENNE IS GOING TO PUT THE BLAME OF ALL THE KILLINGS ON HER. CHEYENNE HANDS ARE CLEAN. THESE TRAMPS HAVE GOT TO DIE MORE SO CHEYENNE HAS GOT TO DIE BADDDDDDD.I just love the way you have giving Charisse something to live for and to understand the meaning of life and giving life. Their is no greater pleasure in life than the life you bare and eventually bring into this world. Charisse is going to shank that BIATCH with Nevada’s special gift because she will be DAMNED if she let her baby’s call that STINKING HOE MOMMY.I think Joanie needs to die bad for being a follower and not a leader all her life. But please I change my mind. I think Cheyenne needs to be hurt really bad and in pain and go to jail where she will suffer for all the crimes she has committed. Now I bet you that trick would not see that one coming.

  10. I have one more comment. Charisse should pull out the guilt trip on Joanie while their walking through the woods. I really do not think that Joanie has been thinking for herself all these years. She should make her feel guilty for not being there for her mom when she passed away. PLEASE I AM NOT BEING NICE TO JOANIE BY A LONG SHOT. SHE JUST NEEDS TO DISTRACT THAT BIATCH SO SHE GUT HER LIKE A FISH. LMAOI am starting to feel really sad because I know it is coming to an end. What am I going to do Sylvia? Please tell me you have a next one coming up. GREAT POST

  11. OMG, Syl…. I dont understand how your mind just comes up with these stuff.. You say your life is really boring, but your twin, Sylviana is just as evil as hell…I hope Parker for once in his life use his brain. He is just so robotic and easy to be manipulate. Please think about how you affected her life and vice versa. Kimberly need to slap some sense into him. All them damn book Charisse been reading, I hope she was reading martial arts or self defense, cause she had to know this day was coming. I know her mouth is sharp as a knife…… Please at least let her kill Joanie, cause even if Cheyenne dont kill her, her body is gonna start going through relapse, she has not gotten any medical attention after birthing those babies…..All that money Parker have, I hope he dont try to drive to the cabin, aint enough time!! Where is Nevada, I hope she was snooping around the house and saw them leave, someone had to see them leave.As for Paula, girl you off the wire! But I second what ever you say, those BITCHES need to die!!!!!

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