Chapter 45.3

last one for the day, i think… yeah, i’m exhausted.

I’ll type more on the bus on the way home.

Gotta get back in Parker’s head after I finish this scene.



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8 thoughts on “Chapter 45.3

  1. I still don’t have any sympathy for that Beyotch, but I understand how she was hurt. All I can say is DAMN to take her hurt and pain out on her sisters who were hurt just as bad as her is just plain wrong.

  2. OH gawd i hope she can convince Joanie not to do it. Please someone save her. Where is onyx when you need her sheesh. Awesome posts am still a pack of nerves though which is kinda good i guess gets me doing more work lol 🙂

  3. Cheyenne is really crazy and unfeeling. How sad but I’m still hoping for Parker to come a save the day…

  4. i apologize to anonymous for making the mistake and rejecting their comment. here it is: <>All i can say is Thank the lawd its not Friday! There are three more days for Parker to come save the day and Jaelen to come save the day! I think Kimberly should be able to knock the biatch out! (Anonymous)<>

  5. I don’t feel bad for Cheyenne. I know for a fact that Charisse is going to kill Joanie and I can’t wait!

  6. I can not believe that she will go through with her sick plan. I hope someone do come and save her and her babies. That is not right, I understand what she went through, but why hold on to so much pain after all these years. If we all held on to pain and was determined to have revenge imagine where this crazy, sick world would be????Where is Onyx?

  7. When bad things happens to you, you are not suppose to repeat the cycle but try change it from ever happening again.I have no sympathy for this BIATCH! I would have if she did not think it was appropriate to make Charisse pay for what was done to her. Charisse was a baby for crying out loud (steam is just coming out of my nose). This BIATCH has got to die and die worse than the faith Chyna was dealt. What is up with Joanie? Does Joanie even realize that she is the one that has done all the killing and Cheyenne’s hands are clean?KILL THOSE TWO FRIGGING BIATCHES.!GREAT POST

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