Chapter 45.2


NO BOTHERING ME…hint hint.

and no i’m not going to give you the ending over the phone but I’ll still accept the large donation to my writing fund.

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His Substitute Wife… His Wife Chapter 45.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

8 thoughts on “Chapter 45.2

  1. Yes she needs to fight. But she also needs to kick Cheyenne and Joanie’s asses. In all your books Syvlia i don’t think i have seen a more evil character than Cheyenne is. Great posts even though i am still a pack of nerves at work lol.

  2. That Cheyenne is a b#*+ch. I can’t wait to see her get her’s. And that damn Joanie is just stupid. I’m so hoping that Parker realize what’s happening and go to the cabin. Maybe, just maybe Chyna left so kind of clue for Parker…Great post, on pins and needles — You’re awesome Sylvia.

  3. THOSE BITCHES HAVE GOT TO DIE!!!!!!!!Charisse still has Nevada’s gift so she needs to use it and GUT THOSE TRAMPS LIKE A FISH!LMAO great post

  4. I am sad that the story is almost concluded but I can’t wait to see what happens. Please hurray Sylvia!!

  5. Okay I made a donation btw I made a donation about 1 month ago I just want to make sure you got it cause i ain’t never really used paypal before. I know it wasn’t a large donation but I was hoping you could send me an email with the ending SHHH! I wont tell no body else not even Tia I promise. She ain’t answering the phone anyway. Probably aint doing no work just surfing the net. I wonder where she get that from! 😉

  6. I am still pissed and I really want something bad to happen to Cheyenne. But I know for sure that Charisse is going to take out Joanie. That chick is weak and plus Charisse still has her blade!

  7. Yeah What Paula said! Thems bitches has gots to die and die horribly and painfully! Cheyenne’s death should linger for a while!

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