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Author Note 03/04/08

how the heck you guys figured how to text me is a mystery to me. (you know who you are.)

And i still have restraining orders against some others, LmAo!

Got a lot of writing done on the
bus ride home yesterday. Almost missed my stop because I was so immersed in my book. I learned how to type on my jornada with four fingers (two from each hand) and I’m pretty good at it although the spell check function is off so I don’t see my errors until I transfer it to the full word version.

tanya: i’ll post today. thank you for not buzzin. doesn’t sitting on pins and needles hurt? i still gnaw on my nails. And yeah, when I have it set for a character to get hurt, i don’t see what’s in the future for them. I only see the now. Now Charisse is in a very bad situation.

Suprina: What’s an HEA? My heads on backwards and i couldn’t figure it out for the life of me.
1.can’t answer this right now because i don’t know what an HEA is.
2. see number one
3. not yet
4. (story spoiler)that’s their intention but after so it looks like she saved them.

yeah email it to the address.

tori:i love it how your emotions changed so quickly. sorry i scared you so bad. okay that was a lie because that was intentional.

cinquetta: i’ll fix it slowly but surely.

Paula: (after getting over that your message was screaming at me in all caps, LOL.)…lint licking twins? You sound like Blu.

lilo.gurl.14: truth is always stranger than fiction though and those are my favorite shows too, except big love. don’t have cable so I haven’t seen that.

Anonymous: please leave some nail for the rest of the c’s.

Pris: Eva D only THINKS i wouldn’t kill the main. I mean maybe Chyna should win in all this. That’s be a different turn of events wouldn’t it. (although I’d get massive death threats and maybe some attempts to my life too.) I’m all about different. he he he (laughing wickedly.)

I was thinking bout Richard in Tanner’s Devil. I might bring him about and stick him with some girl character I really don’t like. I was really thinking bout Shadow’s evil heifer mother. Taming that cow with Richard’s charm would really be a challenge. Betcha guys don’t remember Shadow. If so, name the book.

And thanks for your support to my writing endeavors. Now go tell 49 friends.

Hot & Furious (TIA): I killed kids in Stone’s Revenge. Two actually. Ran them right over with a car. BAMN!

Yes, I’m saying that.

He really didn’t need a man to ride with him but Jaelen insisted because Kimberly ordered it so and Jaelen wouldn’t dare say no to his Kimber when she’s insistent.

Yeah, if everyone followed their gut we probably wouldn’t have so much drama. But what fun would that be?

anonymous2: did i say that? hmmmm, must have spoken too early. and yes something nasty did happen.

jr boss: I’m still thinking of what happens.

Anonymous 3: i would love to know what a texas size beating is. i bet that would be something to watch. I might use that in my lethal book.

carmel Beauty: i could barely understand what you were saying cuz you didn’t use any periods and you seem to be out of breath. good lawd gurl. stop checking expedia.

okay. off to writing again.

i’m going to try to fix things.

i think…

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