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Review: Secrets, Lies & Family Ties

Circle of Love, January 6, 2008

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Back in the early 70’s, Charlotte Reed was the love of every young man’s life at Greenlow Academy. Twenty-five years later, Charlotte’s daughter Grae Reed is attending the same academy thanks to her guardian. Charlotte dies when Grae is fourteen with no one to care for her. Gus Walter steps in, becomes her guardian, and sends her to the same academy that he and Charlotte attended. Arriving at Greenlow, Grae bumps into the most attractive man she’s ever seen, falling in love instantly. Grae goes through her entire four years at the academy following him around. Also known as the Pig Faced Zombie, Grae will never in a million years believe Ezeikel Chambers would ever love her.

Greenlow’s 10-year class reunion is here, and Grae’s best friend and roommate Liz begs Grae to attend. Grae is beautiful now; she’s shed the weight, lost the glasses and pimples, and is nothing less than stunning. Going up the wrong elevator leads Grae to a private suite that is not the party she had any intentions on attending. Standing in the suite of the love of her life, Grae is speechless. Ezekiel has no idea who Grae is, and he’s dying to find out who the woman with the gray eyes is that’s had his heart skipping beats after only ten minutes of his time.

Ezeikel Chambers (a.k.a. Zeke) is the hottest bachelor on the market today. Known for being mean and cutthroat, every one has the wrong impression of Zeke because he takes no prisoners in his business or personal life.

When these two come together by a chance meeting, Grae won’t reveal her identity and Ezekiel can’t get her out of his head. Going against his father’s wishes, he falls for a woman he knows his father won’t approve of him marrying. However, it’s too late to change his feelings and everything from the past must come forward in order for Grae to finally have the love of her life and for Zeke and his father to come to an understanding.

Sylvia Hubbard came with a different twist to a love story. It wasn’t that the story was not predictable; it was told well and made you want to know what happened between Grae and Zeke. You also saw how her mother’s life played a major roll throughout the story. I found Secrets Lies and Family Ties to be a quick and enjoyable read.

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