Review: Secrets, Lies & Family Ties

Circle of Love, January 6, 2008 By ( - See all my reviews Back in the early 70's, Charlotte Reed was the love of every young man's life at Greenlow Academy. Twenty-five years later, Charlotte's daughter Grae Reed is attending the same academy thanks to her guardian. Charlotte dies when Grae is fourteen with … Continue reading Review: Secrets, Lies & Family Ties

Chapter 40…plus Secrets, Lies & Family Ties update

New review for Secrets Lies & Family Ties book is available at: purchase the book: post has been removed. This book is available for download and/or print at: Hubbard and download a book at: in all formats.

Author’s Note: 02/21/08 CHAPTER FOURTY IS’A COMIN’!

Just a reminder that we got a lot of doors to still close and I got a lot of work to do.Cracking the knuckles and worrying about when the arthritis will be kicking in for doing that.Here's my responses from the 26 comments, plus the YahoogroupPaula: she is, but Nevada doesn't know this yet.Anonymous: yes, … Continue reading Author’s Note: 02/21/08 CHAPTER FOURTY IS’A COMIN’!