Chapter 38

It wouldn’t be fair of me to not complete the lovemaking scene between them so put up with it one more time before i get going on something else, but I inserted about almost the rest of this chapter.

Welcome the new people in Raleigh. I got readers all the way back in chapter 17 who are catchin up with us and then there’s some in Texas who just started in Chapter 4 and 5.

Also if you’re new and don’t know much about Mandingo Heart, he’s more or less a back person and you can read more about him in Sin’s Iniquity. He had a tendency to get lost so that’s a clue for you who will die when I do what I do in later chapters.

Also I think I mention Del Heart in this entry too or maybe the next entry. If you don’t know about him, he’s in Tanner’s Devil.

Oh yeah, if anyone can help me, I can’t think of Devlin’s god-father in Tanner’s Devil. If you guys could get the name and post it in this comment I’d appreciate it.

Otherwise I’ll be pausing a while in the posts to find it.

Trying to think about bringing Tanner and Devil around. I kinda missed them and Devlin was just too handsome, but I might be overwhelming people about now, but I will utilize the hotel Devlin owns near Niagra Falls. Don’t feel like making up a new place.

I still get hot over that counter scene.

Anyhoo, enjoy….


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12 thoughts on “Chapter 38

  1. Oh kewlies another post, thanks Sylvia. Aww i find it sad that Mandigo hasn’t found someone. Maybe cause i always pull for the underdog. Anyhoo thanks for the post you made my day Sylvia.

  2. ooh the suspense…. what or who is in arizona?? and are you pairing up mandigo & nevada? ironic yet coincidental cuz they both have facial issues… hmmm… MORE SEX MORE SEX! oh and do please bring the devil back good gracious!! i did love that counter scene also! his dad’s name was auriello that nice handsome man i wouldnt’ mind dancing with sometime

  3. Oh no, when Onyx arrives that means trouble and why is Joanie going to look for Charissa in Arizona. See, Cheyenna is going to get that girl killed. And why do I get the feeling that Mandingo and Nevada might get together. She just may be able to see past the scarring and see that he needs someone to love him for him.. Hint,Hint

  4. i don’t mind all your sex posts because it just adds to the anticipation and suspense of whats about to go down. man i’m so excited to see how things play out. devlin’s godfather is knowles knox. =)

  5. That’s just great. Now Joanie is going to go kill Chyna or maybe her and Chyna are in this together and framing Cheyenne. They are all crazy!

  6. Glad Parker and Charisse had their moment before S..H..T..F. I think Nevada and Mandingo should meet. They belong together. Oh, Oh, when Onyx enters you know there is gonna be some mess. I read Tanner’s Devil but can’t remember the godfather’s name. Sorry Sylvia. Too bad my sister has the book. I let her borrow, I said borrow, it.

  7. When Onyx shown up you know their trouble coming. When Nevade meet Mandingo. She better act like she has sense or else(if she was real) I will bitch slap the heifer. I love Mandingo!!!!Charisse tell Parker about the bank statement and watch your girl. Sylvia, you have mad skills, you go girl. Parker trouble is coming watch your back. Cause the bitch is on her way. *Hint* Who is Nevade love interest?

  8. ok Sylvia, now that I have given you knowles knox Pleeeeaaase no stops. Joanie knows about chyna from the telephone conversation I suppose. Please dont make Onyx kick parker at least not now. He is soooo sweeeeeet. ashwini

  9. charisse is still harboring thoughts of killing herself? give it up already gurl! and what is this with the fat joanie going to arizona? uh-oh the bad is about to commence, i can just feel it…glad to see onyx… she is one of my fav characters along with Blaque heart..two bombs of chicks, i love ’em! onyx ALWAYs has some interesting bomb to drop.Tanya

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