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Chapter 38

It wouldn’t be fair of me to not complete the lovemaking scene between them so put up with it one more time before i get going on something else, but I inserted about almost the rest of this chapter.

Welcome the new people in Raleigh. I got readers all the way back in chapter 17 who are catchin up with us and then there’s some in Texas who just started in Chapter 4 and 5.

Also if you’re new and don’t know much about Mandingo Heart, he’s more or less a back person and you can read more about him in Sin’s Iniquity. He had a tendency to get lost so that’s a clue for you who will die when I do what I do in later chapters.

Also I think I mention Del Heart in this entry too or maybe the next entry. If you don’t know about him, he’s in Tanner’s Devil.

Oh yeah, if anyone can help me, I can’t think of Devlin’s god-father in Tanner’s Devil. If you guys could get the name and post it in this comment I’d appreciate it.

Otherwise I’ll be pausing a while in the posts to find it.

Trying to think about bringing Tanner and Devil around. I kinda missed them and Devlin was just too handsome, but I might be overwhelming people about now, but I will utilize the hotel Devlin owns near Niagra Falls. Don’t feel like making up a new place.

I still get hot over that counter scene.

Anyhoo, enjoy….


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