Chapter 36.3

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The Substitute Wife … My Sister Chapter 36.3 (c) 2008 sylvia hubbard

6 thoughts on “Chapter 36.3

  1. Payback in this instance is heaven!I just want you to know sylvia my STBH wants to know what has “come” over me lately. I am still trying to fiqure out how to answer.

  2. Hmmm nice payback Charisse. Parker definitely needed it and didn’t even put up much of a fight. Sylvia you are so back to do this to us when some of us are at work lol.. Keep up the awesome work….

  3. omgursh why cant it be 3 weeks already?? and i agree with the others its too quiet and calm when is the storm comin sylvia? i’m scared cuz i like this couple too much!! don’t hurt them too bad! and dont kill anymore children okay!!

  4. Take it like a man, Parker. Sylvia I let my husband read chapter 36 and he was like well I’ll be damn, homegirl got skills (he was talking about you)then he said for you to keep writing and for me to keep reading if I’m going to hook him up like that LMAO 😉

  5. Charisse is not shy anymore. She took what she wanted and I am glad that she did. She has to show him that she can have the upper hand also. I am glad for her and Parker doesn’t even know what hit him…lol.

  6. Good for Charisse. Taking things (literally) in her own hot hands and mouth. Parker didn’t stand a chance. Great post.

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