Chapter 36.2

New week and the story goes on…



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7 thoughts on “Chapter 36.2

  1. i just changed the post to 36.2. sorry if i caused confusion and hello Jackson, Mississippi. that’s funny because I’m like two blocks from a Congress street in Downtown detroit.

  2. Me three! Where is the story going now Syl… You gave us a few good post and those always lead to bad ones, that is how your stories end up! So bring on the horror so we can get to the love of Parker and Charisse. Love it!

  3. Tia said exactly what I have been thinking waiting on the horrible, this will be longer than most of your others books the way it is going, but I ain’t complaining. I read last week’s post so I guess I am not the only one waiting on Dark Facade how about you make that your next live book. pretty please with suga on top 🙂

  4. I think Parker is honorable as well and I also waiting for the ball to drop. When it happens I may like it and I may not like it. I love Nevada and I think she is a very good friend and sweet girl.

  5. That’s was nice of Parker to help out Nevada. I hope Nevada really has Charisse’s back. Hopefully, Charisse will have Kimberly and Nevada to back her.

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