Chapter 35.2

Before we go into this part (which is kinda short) I thought I’d comment on yesterday andsome other stuff.

(hold on…. I’m getting in the mood)…..

Eva: you can comment as much as you want. I don’t mind. I love it and the people reading behind us is enjoying it as well.

lilo.gurl.14 : I’ll do my best to make the ending as surprising as possible and do justice like I’ve done in other stories. I guess it’d be hard to explain how I keep turning left when everyone goes right.

eva d: that was pretty deep gurl on the Charisse greed thing. thanks for the aspect. be as intellectual as you would like. I’m lovin it! Charisse is 28 and everyone else is five years older than she.

beeutee: guess that’s why the readers say i’m queen of cliffhangers.

tori:yeah, he shouldhave asked that then, but he was upset. don’t you hate those arguements that you get so upset you don’t ask everything you need to and then look like an idiot when you see them again and ask a stupid question.

paula: yes, this rolled off the top of my head. I’m loving parker too. I’ll try to not let Nevada be a bad person.

carmel beauty: i’ll do the best i can to get you your fix, you reading junkie. i’ll try not to skimp on the ending. As for Derrick in Teach Me To Love, I’d have to reread that over and see where I could bring him in. I’m currently going through R2f and I like that guy who was there for her spoiled sister. He was cool


BTW, someone in the past comments did guess who Nevada is going to hook up and I’m so impressed you got it. ONLY ONE PERSON GUESS RIGHT, so that’s kind of a good thing that it was a little unexpected. And whoever guess Dalton was way off. Dalton would eat her alive and spit her out for breakfast, LOL. He’s got to have a woman who’s going to be able to break down his cold exterior – although I’m still trying to find where his warm interior is. He doesn’t have much in the department of being nice at all. (He’s worse than Lethal if you ask me, but that’s getting ahead of myself, aren’t i).

From my email bag, someone asked me how I came up with my love scenes. How i made them good and if they replicated real stuff (they were referring to scenes from Mistaken Identity).

Actually I wrote that on a analytical level and then added the passion on the self-edit pass. Those were really difficult love scenes to figure out. Now with two people sex and making it different every time (which is almost every romance writer fear) I just throw character into the love scenes which doesn’t make cookie cutter love scenes. Now as to how I get in the mood for love when I got someone in my ear talking about coming out to pick up their dead dog or getting their BUS card cause their a senior. (I work for the 311 department in Detroit).

so to get in the mood since my job won’t let me light the candles and look at half naked pictures of Fabio on my computer (LMAO) I resort to my ZUNE and Brian McNight.

(But Tank’s been a big inspiration too, lately).

For this love scene though, I thought you’d like to know, I’m listening to repeated Brian McNight sing, FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

hERE are the lyrics:

Just hearing Brian does something to me and then those words are so deep I can’t help but write something regarding sex. Gawd!

Especially when he says: “The taste of your lips, I get so excited.”

And with Parker being a good kisser, Lawd hap’merci. I’m fanning myself (and not my face.)

Okay enough inside secrets. here’s your post.


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9 thoughts on “Chapter 35.2

  1. Ok, Ok, now I’m sweating. My heart is beating fast like I was the one talking to Parker. I’m so glad she finally said what needed to be said. Now, its Parker’s turn to respond with the RIGHT response and hook my girl up. Awesome Sylvia

  2. Ms Sylvia, its too early on a Friday morning for this kind of heat! LOL! Love it. You do great work, thought about or on the fly, it never fails!

  3. Okay so you are writing more so I will try to be patient no promises. I am engrossed in teach me to love so you got some time. 🙂 Also I get the impression that Charisse is not really explaining herself right he might think that she is doing this because she is curious not because she wants him so bad she is about to burst into flames. Hopefully she can explain it to him b4 they do the do. (again)

  4. Hot damn!! I think my refresh button stopped working! Please Sylvia….hurry and put on the next chapter! My work depends on you!! Yes! I’m running a guilt trip…!! I’m here anticipating and sweatin!!!

  5. I’m I am happy about who you are going to set Neveda up with Sylvia. That was a good one and I know the story is going to be awesome! I can’t wait. Poor Charisse still afraid to talk about and what she wants with sex. I wish she could just grow some balls and say I want to do it now and finally take control. That will freak Parker out…lol.

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