Author Note’s 2/14/08

First and foremost, Happy Valentine’s.

Of course, I’m not having one.

I waited two hours for a durn bus and i’m so exhausted and still cold it ain’t funny.

So I’ve had no coffee, Aunt Dottie’s doing a new one on me and I haven’t written a word since yesterday’s post.

so when i say you’re getting it live, i ain’t playing. From my head to paper today folks without any forethought.

Stay on your toes and check me if I make a mistake, especially with names.

Umm, that’s bout it off the top of my head.

I made notes to all the comments and so forth below.

I know my old readers get antsy about this time because live stories have a lot of ways to end on this blog. If you’re new to Sylvia Hubbard’s world then i give myself 3 options to end a story:

1) After Chapter 35 or so, I stop the story, take a week off and then post everything on my for a dollar. (That depends on the donations. If you’ve made donations while the story was going on, you usually will get the entire story before anyone else.)

2) I don’t finish. Dark Facade is the only one I haven’t completed. Actually I did complete it then the hard drive got lost, then I found it, finished it again with a new ending and then it got corrupted and now I’m slowly finding all the paperwork to start the ending over again and hope to have that done because I have to retype the entire story because the formatting is crappy and won’t erase lines whenever I have copies and pasted it. Most likely I’ll finish this one.

3) I finish the story al lthe way to the end on the blog free. I.E. : Mistaken Identity. But it’s only after I get mad donations or I’m in a really good mood because my readers have help generated more booksales by telling others about my books. (I can tell when someone’s talked me up because my book sales will increase like crazy.)

I’m still thinking of what to do, so by Chapter 35 you’ll know.

BTW, we’ve hit the 100,000 mark and the story is still interesting. At this point, writers are usually wrapping it up. 100K means you’ve got yourself a good novel (ABout 250 in a 6×9 book). The lastbig story was Sin’s Iniquity and that was a massive rollercoaster heart attack and drained me for five months, LOL.

This one’s gearing up for it and then I’m trying to see how my schedule will be for the rest of the year. Since 2005 I’ve been doing at least three live stories a year, but I’m usually done with the first one by now!


This is in response to all the comments and some for the new readers that have joined us through YahooGroups.

Presently, we have over 500 dedicated readers all over the world subscribed to the story and then there are others who just check the blog on their own which i’ve determined from the stats have to be about a good 300 to 400 people more.

Tanya: you’re right and thank you

taa2s: im trying to make it as juicy as possible. i’m still questionable about Nevada but I kinda like her. she’s crass but not stupid.

cinquetta: blaque heart is actually a woman and she was in teach me to love as a mercenary. She is king hearts little sister and she and Onyx have bad blood.

tori: nevada is way to beautiful and if you haven’t guess what kind of storyline she’s going to be in then i ain’t telling you. lethal couldn’t go for someone that pretty. it wouldn’t feed his huge ego.

anonymous: you are right

Ms Vishouz: i’m glad i’m getting my frustration out on Jaelen now because he is an ass. and yes i did have him very good in bed. (sweating just thinking bout that).

Prissy4Lyfe: yes, you are right but you can still read all the stories all over again in order to find out. LOL.

Paula: yes Paradise was Tanner’s friend in Tanner’s Devil, but she did have friends in high places. (She knows Lethal). I’ll try for more damage.

Tori: yeah, i like those kids. If I’m still writing in about fifteen years, Jaenae or Jessica should have a great story line with over protective brothers.

Paula: i like them too. I like making up people you’d love to be around.

Anonymous 2: it’s King. Emperor is the one with the sex addiction to the girl he thinks is as young as his daughter.

Deja: you’re right and it’s going to be a long three weeks

lilo.gurl.14:thank you

anonymous 3: no it’s not emperor. See comments above @ anonymous 2.

eva: prince is from cabin fever and is the best friend in sin’s iniquity. close but no cigar sweetie.

kay: thanks for your answer and you are correct.

carmel beauty: you almost got the king’s paradise story line,but you’re a little off. In Tanner’s Devil, Paradise is hiding remember. Yes, she was sold by her dad, but she hasn’t turned herself in to King to pay the debt and this is one debt king wants.we won’t get into df

lilo.gurl.14 (part 2):
i’m so sorry you get the posts so late. OMG, holland? that’s sooo cool! I got me some great international readers. i see so many in england, madrid, australia, asia, china and now holland! I’m blown away and i can’t believe the way you guys are really dedicated to the story.

I want to thank everyone for enjoying the story. i see you on the map and i’m waving to you on the screen. I’ve even dropped in some of your blogs. I’m a little behind in the email department, but I send all my love to you.

Darkanglehb17: thanks for joining and I hope you do enjoy Road to Freedom (I need to go back and read that myself. I loved Lethal in that one.)

Nithya: (from India) welcome!

I guess my Yahoogroup is happy since i released all the messages or either their commenting straight on theboards.

Okay, back to writing cause i got one hour to post.

Kisses and hugs from motown.

Your author ,

Sylvia Hubbard

9 thoughts on “Author Note’s 2/14/08

  1. umm… you dropped something.. in emperor’s story, the girl isn’t the same age as his daughter?? then how old is she?? or am i gon hav 2 wait?? cuz i read that sneak peak on your other blog and woooooweeee i thought parker had it bad!!! that story looks really interesting and i cant wait for more!!

  2. Syl.. is Cabin Fever available for download..i checked in lulu but i couldn’t find…

  3. eva: yeah, durnit! I gotta big mouth!Nk: no cabin fever is supposed to appear only in an anthology that this new publisher has. I’ll see when it’s going to be ready for release.

  4. About Dark Facade sylvia you know I have been hounding you about that book forever what do you mean you MIGHT finish it. You just have too. I have been waiting forever for that book. About Emperors book is it alread done.

  5. it’s going to be finished, but now with it being so good, I really was hoping a big time publisher would sweep me off my feet. i don’t see anything in the horizon and i might just release it soon in 2008 or 2009Emperors book is 79percent done, but it does need major editing.I’m in the process of getting the editing out the way with a friend and then i’m working on finishing the story.

  6. i just went back and reedited this post to add more catagories since we talked about so much. Wow. didn’t know i said all that about that many books.this linkage to books is getting really deep. I wish I had an extra hand and brain to get it out faster.LMAO.

  7. Whatevah you write I will buy it ebook or print. I have all your print books and I’m still waiting for the rest of Dark Facade. And how about Stealing Innocence III?

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