Chapter 29

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 29 (c) 2008 sylvia Hubbard

11 thoughts on “Chapter 29

  1. Guilt makes chyna good.. somehow i feel pity for her.. i hope she dies.. when she dies let Parker give her one last hug with love..

  2. No, Chyna and Cheyenne needs to die a tragic death. Cheyenne more than Chyna for all their deception. I hope he realize it was not a dream and try to explore his feelings for her. They both deserve to be happy but he still has to pay for his selfishness regarding his nephew. Bring it on Sylvia……

  3. I must be the only one who doesn’t want Chyna to die. lol I want Cheyenne to die. I find it odd that Chyna is giving him a divorce so easily though. She stopped caring about Cheyenne?

  4. Hey Sylvia I’m BACKKKKKKKK!!! It has been such a long time and I can not believe how much I missed. Anyway, this week has been pure hell, cause all I did at work was read your book, so if any separation comes between my job and myself I will be sending you a bill. LOLOLOLOLOL 🙂Anyway there is so much I want to say about this and ask so many questions, but since I am late to the game I will behave. Good book so far, that was excellent. Only bad part about it is, I have to wait to read behind all your CLIFFHANGERS! lol. Love the characters, the plot, Please what ever you do Kill that B&^%$, Chyna, her guilt alone should kill her! Some action tommorrow when they visit that next B, please!!! Love it, love it! You can not get rid of me know!

  5. Tia is a trip Sylvia just ignore her maybe one day she will go away although on my end it hasn’t worked yet LOL Anywho, I am loving the story hopefully you will answer some more of my questions in the next post!!

  6. Good Parker is going to be rid of Chyna and her greedy ass. I ain’t got a bit of sympathy for her. Parker needs to wake up and go get his woman, Charisse. Chyna and Cheyenne should die a long slow and painful death. At least as long as they tortured Charisse. I think I need Jesus!

  7. I think there is a catch to why Chyna is giving up so easy. She will not just leave her husband and give Charisse permission to take him. Somethinng is not right about this whole thing. I still think that her and Cheyenne has planned this all along and it’s only a matter of time before all of this comes out.

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