Chapter 26

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 26 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

12 thoughts on “Chapter 26

  1. now that was a big cliffhanger and I know you’re refreshing like crazy, but i don’t know if I have anymore in me right now. so if I post, it won’t be till tonight. Hell, I worked up enough sexual tension for me to go change my panties..Oh lawd, I think Carmel’s possessing my body… LOL!

  2. You too wrong for that, Sylvia. Stopping at this point. But that’s kool. A sista needs a nap anyway, been up working too long with no sleep from last night.Go get you some rest, too.Suprina

  3. OH man and what a cliffhanger it is. OH queen of cliffhangers. Great post as always. I am telling myself i will not refresh i will not refresh it was that good.

  4. Bout time, he needs this release. I need this release too 🙂 I can’t wait for next post. I just know he’s going to hook her up..

  5. HALLELUAH THE DAY IS COMING!!! IT IS NEAR!!! WE GET OUR RELEASE!! i mean PARKER & CHARISSE GET THEIR RELEASE!!! ohmigursh will i be able 2 read that while im working? i gotta feelin this is gonna be some steamy raunchy stuff!!

  6. Why the cliffhanger. I really was looking forward to this part. My poor heart was beating fast and I wanted this to really continue. Well I guess I’ll see tomorrow.

  7. I do believe this is one of your finest most entertaining story you have written. I am so sorry you are suffering from margains headache but from all your fans We love you and take care of yourself.Sylvia, I beleive all of us know when we read a book. It’s form of fiction. You did not have to explain or even apologize about your writing. If people don’t know that’s their problem. Do you girl b/c they just hatin’Go Charisse getit girl. Rock Parker world. He needs it. YEAH! SEX! SEX! SEX! SEX! YEAH! for SEX!

  8. Sylvia, “You take the heat off me that the burning!!” Wow baby.. you shot the fire so good now ..i am tenderhooks..make it slow ..sweet then fast and hard.. I really hate chyna and cheyenne.. karma gonna’s get them!!taa2s

  9. enough of this game syl.. either u post now.. or make your site capable of auto refresh….. my keys and fingers are struck…

  10. Charisse should have taken some extra draws. Better yet, she should just keep some in her coat pocket. Hurry up Sylvia and let Charisse show Parker what she’s working wit!

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