Chapter 25.4

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His Substitute Wife … My Sister Chapter 25.4 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

9 thoughts on “Chapter 25.4

  1. Holy Moly Sylvia that was one intense chapter. Whoa i may have to go and read it all over again it is that good. Man you got me tense here, i don’t like conflict and that was one major one for sure. The most awesomest chapter ever.

  2. What?… What?…Where’s the rest? Did I miss something? How could you stop now? I hope Parker finds out he was with Charisse and those bitches go down. Excellent Sylvia!

  3. OMG them witches..I can’t believe them. The only thing I have a problem with is that Charissa doesn’t seem mad enough about what they did. Will she show some kind of real anger and get revenge?

  4. Nk: thanks for the compliment. paula: gurl I’m trying.deja: you should read it all over from start to finish. i might post in the yahoogroup the actual book this time.julia: parker won’t know just yet….(laughing wickedly.)

  5. That chapter was so good. That damn Cheyenne is a trip. She is a evil somebody. I just really hope that Charisse kicks her butt. Please let her do that Sylvia. Give Charisse a back bone and let her go postel on both of the sisters…please…please!

  6. Oh snap!! Chyna is gonna realize what she’s just let slip outta the bag. Parker is gonna be on her like white on rice…if he doesn’t leave her that is…Charisse is ready to piss herself sane and Kim is really like what the hell…OMG!! The suspense is AGING ME!!!

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