Catching up on the comments from yesterday… Answers

carmel: you will find out why laurie and joanie aren’t speaking. Don’t know if I’ll go complicated and get the twins father, but now that i think about it, i’ll think of something. i’ll get to your other questions later. Whew that was a lot of questions.

Eva: Pascal and yes, it was cheyenne’s dude.

nk: sorry bout that. my cousin carolyn came to mind for some reason (and she’s really a nice person) when i was writing that scene.

Ashwini: it’s really cool to put a reader with a location. that’s (bangolore turf club) is awesome to see from space.

julia: i would love to dig cassandra up and kill her again.

cinquetta: thanks for the policy holder facts. And thanks for the correction on the lucious and mandingo and you are right. sorry bout that. Changing it right now.

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