Chapter 25.3

I’ve been looking At the google map of readers and i saw something confusing. i’m only given an ariel view.

I dont know which reader it is, but you’re by what’s called bangalore turf club. What is that?Answer in comments.

okay, here goes… getting a headache from thinking too hard…

Please let me know if it makes sense. I need all the help I can get.



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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 25.3 (c) 2008 sylvia Hubbard

12 thoughts on “Chapter 25.3

  1. Damn too bad parker didn’;t just let her kill Chyna not only did they steall Charisse’s money that wasn’t even their dad. So none of that money was theirs when is she going to die it will be her right dying soon. please

  2. Will we find out why Laurie and Joanie aren’t speaking? Who are the twins father? Where is the grandmother is she dead(mother of Jonas)? Why did Chyna ask Charisse to shot the dad if he was already dying from shooting his self anyway? How did they get the life insurance policy, I thought you couldn’t get it if you commit sucide? Does Charisse remember anything other than shooting her dad? When we gon see the evil out of cheyenee? What hasn’t Onyx told us that makes her hate Chyna so much? What is in that thing in the floor that would make Chyna keep it and lie and say it was gone? Are you going to write another chapter today?

  3. WHOA!!! WHAT A BOMB 2 DROP!! I knew somethin was up with him leavin everythiing to Charisse. Why would her mother want 2 get rid of her but keep THEM?? Thats crazy, and the twins have GOT 2 know he’s not their dad. Is that why they are so hateful to Charisse and took her mula? Hmm…. I got q’s Syl… I can go all day we not doin nothin at work!!!

  4. omg i thought i had alotta questions… dang carmel you beat me! who is the hispanic man that chyna & cheyenne & parker were in the picture wit? was that cheyenne’s dude that ran wit the money? aint carolyn jonas’s mother? can onyx kick some ass now??

  5. My my my now we know where the twins get the evilness and greed from their mother was the queen of mean. Poor charisse she needs to get revenge on those two bad a**es. Anyhoo awesome work Sylvia. Toodles..

  6. All the questions I was going to ask Carmel already asked for me. I really would like for Onyx to smack Chyna and on top of that I want Charisse to find out and kill both of the twins. They are some evil sisters. They are twisted!

  7. Your Bangalore Turf Club is me and my office gang. We all love to read and take turns to do so.Great Post and a nice timing for Chyna. Ashwini

  8. Wow, poor Charisse. Three evil ass bitches screwed up her life. Too bad Momma’s dead, she needs to be killed along with the other two. I agree Parker should have let Onyx throw that blade straight to the middle of Chyna’s forehead.

  9. I knew it! Charisse did not kill her father. Those bitches but the main bitch Cassander plan this all alone. I am glad Jonas change the benefactor. That was smart. Okay insurance policy if the policyholder commit suscide the benefactor will have to wait 2 year before recieving the money. If a person dies from an accident or was murder the policy double. I agree with Carmal Beauty and Eva ask and state. Lucious Heart I throught his name was Mandigo Heart. If I remember correctly he appear in Secrets, lies, and family ties. Because I claim him as my man. He is one of many who I would kick bitch ass. If you try to take him I WILL hurt you!!!

  10. Forgot to tell you that the Bangalore Turf Club is our very own Horse Race Club. We are located very close to it (Office).

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