Chapter 22.2

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 22.2

  1. Please tell me he is about to figure it out though. I think that in order for Charisse and Parker to be together that Chyna has to die.

  2. Not only does he need to touch her, he should just swoop in and kiss her passionately. Not that i believe that he should as he is married but man i want him to kiss her so bad Syliva.. Anyhoo you made my day awesome post. 🙂

  3. You can’t leave us hanging like that. I really hope she tells him the truth.

  4. Sylvia, I posted comments no response are you going to be posting any more today or do I just need to go to work myself and stop check my daily dose of CRACKYour BJACarmel Beauty

  5. oh wow its gettin crazyier and crazyier!!! please tell me she’s not gonna spill the beans… parker’s gonna flip when he finds out!!! and for a unemployed wife chyna seems PRETTY busy all the dang time.. what she been up 2?? and the peanut butter scene was hilarious.. why is parker runnin around with his head cut off? omg that was too much!!1

  6. Oooohoowee, I’m scared for her. I was so hoping that he kissed her but this is even better. I can’t wait to see what happens. Do she tell or not 😕

  7. I’m with Carmel Beauty. Chyna needs to be dead before they really get it on. Otherwise Parker is going to end up making things even worse for Charisse. The man is starving for affection. If he gets that from Charisse too soon, he’s going to forget all about Chyna. She’s going to retaliate against Charisse, even though she was all for it from the beginning. Kinda reminds me of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. Sarah was all for him taking on a side chick, too, until Hagar started getting too prideful. Dang, Sylvia, I just made that connection, girl. Wow! Those gray areas been around for awhile. There really ain’t nothing new under the sun.Suprina

  8. Go Parker! You are the man! Oh Charisse do something to surpise his arse, like kiss Parker. That will shut him up and leave you alone.(LOL)

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