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Chapter 20.3

someone offline asked why did i make Jaelen so mean? (I have people close by reading the story and they like the advantage that they can aske me about it faster than you guys.)

since the person asking didn’t read stealing innocence then they aren’t familiar with the ornery Jaelen Gates and the soft spoken Kimberly.

I usually like my characters to be at the opposite ends of the spectrum and if there weren’t two people who were so mismatched it was them.

It was hard handling Jaelen but I’m just warming up with difficult characters so i can start off on Lethal Heart’s book: stealing innocence III. With this mayor scandal in Detroit, i think i got enough fodder to start two books, LOL.

Jaelen is a mean cruel S.O.B. that you guys hated and some still hate to this day, but I love that Godzilla effect that my males have. even though you’re supposed to hate them you somehow start to like them.

still quiet.

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