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Cheating, Stealing and Adultery…Why?

I read your comments and to answer the question as to why men and women cheat, I just happened to be speaking to the beau recently on this answer.

In my sincere opinion I think we do it because we’re unhappy with our status quo internally and externally.

Internally there’s something that we find we are unsatisfied with ourselves. A love of ourselves is always helpful not because it makes our relationship with another person stronger, but it makes us more secure within ourselves so that we don’t have to go outside of another in order to find “satisfaction.”

Externally, the person is not giving us the intimacy or love we desire and want and because of our internal conflicts we don’t speak up for ourselves like we want to or in a way that they understand. Now either the person could care less about our feelings or they don’t want to make the effort to be with us any way.

People don’t cheat for the sex. People cheat for all the other stuff.

But then there are those that are difficult to please and no one can help a person find internal happiness. One has to find that out for themself.

Now why would a person steal someone they know who is dating seriously, married or engaged to another?

Disrespect and no life and no confidence to get your own if you actively go after another person’s beau.

That’s just plain and simple.

I could understand fighting the feeling and so forth and then it happens but if you lay out a plan to steal a person who you know is involved with someone else, you really need to find some kind of internal happiness and find love within yourself.

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