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Chapter 8.3

good lawd, i thought i posted early this morning, but i guess i didn’t and now you’re probably pissed at me.

umm, yeah, i’m sorry bout that.

gurl trying to do to much and pretending the right side of her head don’t hurt and wishing she could take her right eye out and put it back later to relieve the pressure in her head.

anyhoo, some people asked about the excerpt to the story.

that’s where we are now.

the old excerpt was made up off the top of my head so i tried to incorporate it with the events that were created after it was created. that meant putting the new names of the characters, the mental dysfunction, and all the other mess i’ve built up to.

So enjoy…


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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 8.3 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

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