Chapter 7.2

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His Substitute Wife…My Sister Chapter 7.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

4 thoughts on “Chapter 7.2

  1. That Cheyenne is a trip. This is one twisted family and I can’t wait to find out all the secrets they have on one another. Great Post!

  2. Wow Great post. I want to see the Parker that Chyna sees. Sounds like two different people. Also, for some weird reason I feel like Chyna could have faked that letter to make it look like her sister is crazy and to get a baby. It may be because we haven’t seen much of Cheyenne though. But…Chyna could just be money hungry and feel that if Parker leaves her she’ll have no money, so if she has the baby not only will he stay with her, but even if he does end up leaving she’ll still have the child (who most likely will inherit everything). Okay I’m done lol

  3. WoW! Sylvia you did it again. How do you come up with these crazy ass neurotic characters. Charissa what is wrong with her? Chyna you are not going to keep a man if you don’t give him some loving. Did Charissa help her mother to kill herself. Or than the mother kill her husband and herself. I am glad I stop bye.

  4. Hay Sylvia i’ve read His Substitute wife….my sister so far n its great. Before I astarted to read I waned to read another one of your stroies called Love Like This and when I tried to download it it wouldn’t download. It said the file was corrupted. I real the synopsis and seemed rellly intereting so I really wanted to read. If you can provide another to download it that would be helpful. thnxxxxoxo # 1 fan

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