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Chapter 6

Yeah, I’m late, but answering the phone at work is starting to get on my nerve.

It’s tax time and as usual it seems like everyone in the City of Detroit is broke!

I’m a constant deliverer of bad news all day long.

“No, you can’t make any arrangements.”

“No, it’s too late to apply for hardship.”

“No, you can’t dispute over the phone you have to go downtown, pay high parking fees and stand in a long line, just to be told that you will still be charged interest and penalties.”

So if I sound like I’m ready to kill someone or Charisse sounds particularly sarcastic then you know why.

Anyhoo…. Enjoy as usual….


The phone rung early in the morning a week later. Every night he had been working himself lifting weights to get away his sexual demons and despite that he was mentally tired from working so much at his business, he couldn’t escape the physical needs that had started to ache at the thought of anything feminine around.

Chyna’s headaches weren’t helping him and when she did give him anything it was almost reluctantly.

To be precise it was seven in the morning when Parker pressed the speaker to see who it was without picking up the phone receiver.

“Who is it?” he said gruffly not bothering to clear the sleep out of his voice.

“Hello Parker, this is Doctor Redmond at the hospital. I was calling to speak with you and
your wife about your test results.”

Parker hadn’t expected a call so early and he knew in his gut this was bad.

* * *

Charisse was up when her sister came to invite her to breakfast with “the family.” She almost wanted to sneer, “What family?” but she kept this snide comment to herself.

Rochelle laid out the clothing she was to wear that day and then retrieved the clothing
Charisse had worn through the night. “That’ll give me time to wash and prepare the room for our activities.”

“What activities?” Charisse questioned.

“Obviously you didn’t read the calendar.”

“I’m not in kindergarten.”

Rochelle only turned away to finish hanging the sheets.

“Come Charisse. You must be hungry,” Chyna insisted.

“Actually I’m not, but if you’re just trying to get me down there to talk alone, that’s all you had to say.”

Chyna produced a stiff smile. “It seems, sister dear, as you grow older you mature, but your bluntness never falters.”

“You just mistake my silliness in killing myself as stupidity.”

“And it gets much more outspoken too. Reminds me of father. Too bad he’s not here to enjoy it as well.”

That was enough to shut Charisse up and she walked ahead of her sister to the steps.

“I’m taking the elevator,” Chyna invited. “Join me.”

“Suit yourself. I prefer the steps. Enclosed spaces might bring on episodes of insanity.” This was a lie, but Chyna didn’t know that. Anything to inconvenience her sister was always a plus.

They walked to the kitchen together, but Parker wasn’t there. He had left a note on the refrigerator, saying an emergency came up and he had to leave right away.

“Well, I guess it’s just us then.” Chyna said hopefully. “That’s even better because I won’t
have to lie about my reasons as to why we need you.”

Charisse sunk in the chair, wondering why all of a sudden Chyna looked gravely serious.

Instantly Charisse’s defenses arose.

His Substitute Wife … My Sister Chapter 6 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

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