Chapter 5

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They didn’t come to the house at all until eleven at night. Rochelle stopped trying to have conversations after an hour’s attempt to get her to speak. Charisse would nod and she would do as Rochelle said, but other than that she would just sit on her bed and stare into nothing. This was a usual thing for her when she did not want to be where she was.

In her stares, she would pretend that her father was there and repeatedly singing his songs he loved to hymn as he cleaned his pipe.

She would never hymn the songs he used to hymn. No, that would be too much. They would find out the secret. She didn’t want anyone to know that.

Rochelle had placed a schedule on the wall for her. From the time she awoke to the time she went to bed, her life was planned out. There was no question as to what she was going to do. There were days for field trips and even free time which Rochelle said that she could do whatever she wanted but she would have to be chaperoned or the environment would have to be made safe.

Unlike any other nurse that had taken care of Charisse, Rochelle took her job doubly serious.


This questioned along with why Parker was being so damn nice to her was in her head the whole night.

After dinner and a shower because she was not allowed to take a bath, Rochelle ordered her to bed. A television was rolled in from Rochelle’s room with a DVD attached to it and Charisse was handed a childlike remote with big buttons, but unable to be opened or broken.

Rochelle went into her room to give Charisse privacy, but there were cameras – Lots of cameras.

Pretending sleep, she listened to the noises of the house.

They were arguing. She could tell by the raised voices and then a door slammed. Another hour passed and Charisse knew their bed room was right under hers. For three minutes, she could hear their bed against the wall and then another door slamming right afterwards and a shower running.

Charisse looked at the closed bedroom door and then took a deep breath as she planned her escape.

* * *

Parker was still unsatisfied. Even after that sorry sex Chyna had allowed him to have. It was the intimacy he missed. The closeness, the touching… he needed more.

Soon as it was over, she jumped out of bed and went to take a shower. “I don’t like your sweat all over me,’ had always been her excuse and it had been one he had accepted all these years.

But it wasn’t acceptable anymore. His mind and heart had awakened and maybe Jaelen was right.

Getting out of bed, he put on a robe and went down stairs. He needed to walk off his frustration and anger. The house was big enough for that and when that didn’t work he’d go down to the weight room in the basement. That always seemed to work when she didn’t give him the satisfaction his body craved more and more

A light on in the kitchen made him wary at first, but then he remembered Charisse and her nurse were in the house.

Someone was rummaging through the refrigerator, but he couldn’t see their face because the door blocked them.

“I thought we put enough upstairs for weeks,” he said.

Charisse looked up from the refrigerator and narrowed her eyes. “It’s hard to get to when she locks her door at night. Anything is hard to get to in this house when all the drawers and cabinets are locked.”

“It was part of the requirements and my keys are upstairs. I’ll talk to Rochelle in the morning.”

“This is above and beyond the requirements, Parker. How am I supposed to feel comfortable?”

“There’s always going back to the facility, Charisse.”

She slammed the door to the refrigerator and huffed. “Who are you to tell me when I can live and die?”

“Who are you to take that right away from God?”

“You’re not the religious person.”

“But I want this to work.”

“I’m not your brother. You can’t save me.”

He tried not to let her statement get under his skin, but it was hard when she tried so hard to bring her verbal nails out whenever she got the chance, but he was shocked that Charisse had really paid attention to everything he had said. “Chyna wants this and I want whatever my wife wants. I’m going to obey the doctor to the letter. I always have been obedient.”

She sniggered. “Was that what that thing you just did to her called? Being obedient?” She imitated Chyna. “Hurry up. Get it over with.”

Parker braced himself, forcing himself to remember that Charisse hit below the belt verbally and she was sick- in the head. She was sick and she had to be excused for what she said.

“Go back to bed, Charisse.”

“I’m not a child.”

“Go!” he barked.

She stomped past him angrily, but she brushed him by mistake. Her skin was soft to touch against his arm and Parker wondered had she ever been touched.

So consumed in her anger, she didn’t even notice she had touched him. She continued up the stairs and he didn’t stop listening until he heard Rochelle reprimanding her for getting out of bed.

Maybe they were treating her like a child, but she had brought this
upon herself and he shouldn’t feel any pity for her.

Looking down at his arm where she had brushed up against him,
he closed his eyes and remembered the touch of her skin against his own. Why had he thought it would feel rough and cold?

Tightening his robe, he proceeded down into the basement to work out his body so his mind could get some rest.

Don’t think about these things. Don’t think about anything.

When the baby gets here, he knew all would be right in his world. He just needed to hold out for that.

Dinner had been a complete mess. All Chyna spoke about was what she wanted to do with his money and Jaelen’s words kept popping up in his head.

“Let’s take a trip together,” Parker had suggested at dinner right after their dinner plates were cleaned away.

“You’re too busy working to take trips or vacation, Parker.” Chyna had responded.

He hadn’t expected her to refuse. “We could go up for the weekend to the cabin we own in Midland. We haven’t been up there in almost two years.”

“That backwoods cabin that barely has electricity is your idea of roughing it and I refuse to go up there until you put some cable and updated appliances in that place. Otherwise you can go up there by yourself. A swimming pool and Internet is a requirement as well.”

“That takes away from enjoying nature, Chyna.”

“Why on earth would I want to do that?”

Parker knew this was a conversation going no where. “How about Hawaii for a week? I could get away. Things are going great and I have people in place that could run everything for a week.”

“Parker, we’re in the middle of trying to make a baby,” Chyna said annoyed. “How could we just go away?”

“Easily. I buy the tickets tonight and we could leave tomorrow morning. We can work on the natural baby making process. I’m sure the doctor would agree with me that we need a vacation from all of this and until they really get down to our problem.”

“And my sister? Did you forget that?”

“They have everything they need on the third floor. The house doesn’t need to be managed because the maid comes in like clockwork twice a week. They’ll be fine without us. Rochelle has the key and knows the security system. She’ll be fine with your sister.”

Chyna still didn’t look responsive to the suggestion. He was wary to suggest the hotel room, but couldn’t she understand he wanted something different.

Once they got home, she was still in a grumpy mood and when he started kissing on her neck, feeling on her body, she just became even angrier.

“Stop teasing me!” she snapped. “What’s all this touchy feely shit? What’s wrong with you Parker? Can’t you wait until we get to bed?”

“Can’t I touch my wife?”

“Please don’t start that again.”

For the third time that day, they argued and it didn’t stop until she went to the bathroom and slammed the door.

He laid in bed for about thirty minutes and when she came out, she laid next to him and just said, “I’m ready.”

That was his usual cue to do what he wanted and since he was horny of course he took advantage of it.

Rolling on top of her, he parted her legs and entered her. She had applied her lubrication and that was all he needed down there in order to effectively get himself to release in her. She braced herself by holding onto his shoulders.

When he started to take his time hoping that her natural lubrication would kick in, she barked, “Hurry it up, Parker. Quit playing around and get it over with.”

Pressing the three hundred pound weight over his head, he growled in aggravation. Driving the memories out of his head. Driving the anger and dissatisfaction with his life out of his head.

Driving the touch that Charisse had mistakenly giving him out of his head.

Why the hell was he even thinking that? He was not about to have sex with his sister in law. He knew that would only complicate this already
complicated matter between Chyna and him.

His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 5 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. That’s not sex it’s worse than a hand job. Shoot he could have done that himself with some cocca butter and a towel. I mean Chyna will lose a good man if she keep that crap up.

  2. He shoulda been frustrated, Chyna wasn’t gonna get into it at all. What a mess. Have’m run on his treadmill till it runs out of that crazy house next time.

  3. That Chyna is a trip. Don’t she know she has to always please her hubby or he will go astry. She needs a true wake up call.

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