Author’s Note: Comments, Questions, Name Changes… Oh My

Name Change from Wyatt to Parker

(Wyatt was the male character in the preview, but I changed it to Parker)

Yeah, I changed the name of the main male character for two reasons.

One) You guys know I’m lazy as hell so I pulled a character from a past story. Wanna guess which one? And you’ll get a free Copy of Maniac Neighbor (Suprina you can’t play. You won the past contest and that’s not fair winning 2 in a row).

Two) Just couldn’t feel the name Wyatt. Kept thinking evil thoughts about him. Hence why he was having an affair with the other sister.

(First one to guess it in the comments wins)


Twins Again?

Yeah, I know it. But these are girl twins and the twin story line really has nothing to do with it. And no I’m not bringing Jerome and Tyrone back… at least I don’t think so. I don’t know where the hell the story is going so I can’t really answer that.


Main Character Dying

We already know that one sister is going to die. I’m giving you that one. Now you’ve got to figure out which sister is the main character.

8 thoughts on “Author’s Note: Comments, Questions, Name Changes… Oh My

  1. I’m calling foul, Sylvia. lol. First of all, I think it was Carmel Beauty who won the last contest. I got a free book for a whole NOTHER reason. lol.Secondly, I really wanna play. *whining*. lol.Suprina

  2. I am taking a wild guess here but I know that I heard that name from one of your story so here it goes…Road to Freedom

  3. I kinda cheated lol (I used the search feature in windows). It’s “Love like this” right?

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