i went through my twin period and i'm still going through it here and there. lots of people have asked me about all the books that I have twins in. This may be a story spoiler list but hey, you asked. Sex Weed Secrets, Lies & Family Ties Mistaken Identity  His Substitue Wife... My Sister


there are stories that I will say are "over the Edge" Romances, that literally do just that. so here is a listing of books that will take you there. Now your erotic and my erotic can mean two different things, yet i wanted to make sure that when you pick up these books, please be … Continue reading Erotic


Works In Progress (Updated 10/13/18 - scroll down to see new works posted!  Tell me what you think) Many times, I start a story and never finish it because of stalled research and/or for other reasons sometimes I can't answer, but a lot of readers want updates all the time and I wanted a place … Continue reading WIP