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In the daily grind of preparing for His Substitute Wife, I’m trying to organize my life.

(It’s more difficult than I thought. I’m really messed up.)

So I’ve found a way to be able to post things online easily and give everyone a Central Sylvia location.

Everything you wanted to know what I have but couldn’t ask is located at:

For now this is the location that i’m going to use to get things together along with this story blog.

Plus, I’ll be revamping the website completely for next year to get things more organizaed.

wish me luck.


Anyhoo, A lot of people have already found it (OVER 600 PEOPLE ALREADY AND I DIDN’T HARDLY ADVERTISE FOR IT AT ALL) but there is a free novel available on my bookstore.

You can find Love LIKE THIS and other free books all listed on the

Plus there are other html stories that you can read as well.
Country Road(short story)
The Forbidden(short story)
Delicious Prisoner (short story)
And I should be adding the Boom Boom Boom story soon.
Happy Holidays all over the world guys.
PS. My amazon wishlist is still pretty full (hint hint)
Oh yeah, I’ve joined facebook so if you guys are there you can connect to me.

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