Mind Freeze… don’t believe in writing blocks

stress, life and other things are the cause for me not posting yesterday.

to get my mind off of the story, I started another story. Well actually this one was written almost seven years ago and I was shocked that I had completed it.

 I don’t know what i’m going to call it.

It’s like a sin’s iniquity with a dying grandmother. I figured I wrote this shortly after dreams of reality because it includes Skye and Thaddeus.

There was this character Parker Mills in the story I liked and I think I’m changing his name to Wyatt and using him as His Substitue Wife…My Sister coming up in January.

Anyhoo, along with the massive migraines, Aunt Dottie about to move in (I know TMI) and the regular bull-larkey going on in my life, then I got a little mind freeze.

Today, I woke up at 4am and pumped out a chapter and a half.

It wasn’t difficult and I missed Shane, Andrew and Paul. Plus, the night gave me much more freedom to hurt Shane.

I’m over 15K, but of course I want more. 30K would be even better, so keep talking about me. I’m getting mad love on my website and most of them are saying they were referred by a friend. Thank you so much and keep passing the love. With your help I’ll be inviting you to my NY Times Bestsellers party real soon!