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Forbidden by Sylvia Hubbard (c) 2007

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This was written as a prompt from a writing group. Can’t remember the prompt off-hand but we were supposed to write something forbidden.

This is what my dirty mind provided:


“I wish someone told me this nut was going to act a fool this way before I decided to rundown to Ohio and marry him,” Lydia snipped.

Claudia didn’t say a word, but the look of “I told you” was clearly written on her soft caramel flawless skinned angel shaped face. Her slightly slanted brown eyes of the same color as her flesh just watched as Lydia’s tall skinny body paced back and forth. In the back of her mind, she wondered was Lydia down to a size two by now.

Lydia sulked angrily. “You aren’t going to say anything to me? You aren’t going to rub it in my face about how stupid I was.”

“You told me to shut up five minutes ago!” Claudia exasperated.

“Shit, Claudia. Why is he like that?” The frustration was clearly in her voice, but Claudia still refused to respond. “He’s your brother. How could he stand me up like this?”

“Step-brother, Lyddie!” Claudia snapped. “That’s it. No blood relation.”  Even she had to tell herself over and over because guilt was racking up in her chest night after night, but she couldn’t tell a soul what was bothering her. “My mother and his father decided to marry without even asking if I wanted to be even near that arrogant ass. Next thing I know that fool is moving his gear in my room and I’m kicked to the attic, like I’m adopted. I can’t wait until I’m done with college so I don’t have to look at his ass again.” Calming herself down, she said, “And at least you didn’t say I do.”

“That shit was foul that they did to you,” Lydia agreed. “Your mother was so wrong with holding on to your college money to make you stay in the house. It was like she was forcing you.”

“I feel like a damn prisoner and he gets to run the streets and live anywhere he damn well pleases.”

“Well, he didn’t go to college, Claudia,” Lydia defended him. “He opened up his own business and he’s doing damn well at it.”

Claudia shot out the chair now really angry. Did he have some magical spell over women? Even her mother was always on HIS side! “I can’t believe after that Negro stood you up at the altar, you’re taking up for him, Lydia. He left you with fifty bucks to catch the bus back home and you think he’s the shit still? He’s an egotistical pig-headed bastard and I told you before you went batting your eyes at him that it was going to happen.”

“I just thought it was sibling shit. Really I did. I mean for a moment I thought you were in love with him. I mean real love, because you were talking about him more than I was.”

Claudia snorted in over exaggerating disgust. “I’ve never liked him like that!”

“I didn’t know he really was an ass,” Lydia said incredulously.

“I told you not to let that gorgeous face fool you. He did it to my mother and he’s done it countless of times to countless of women. He’s a user.” Claudia gathered her things and put her coat on. “Look, at least you never let him hit it, right?”

Lydia nodded. “It wasn’t that I didn’t want to let him. It was that he never asked for it. It was like I was chasing him, but he said he wanted to wait until after we got married. You think he might be gay?”

Claudia shrugged. “I don’t try to figure him out anymore. That last time I did…” Kissing her best friend’s brow, she left the house. “Get some rest and don’t think about this anymore, girl. Don’t waste your time on a no good man like Ryan.”

“I’m sorry bout getting you out the house this late, but I had just enough to get back to Detroit on the bus and not enough to make it to the house. Where’s Cyan?”

“I left her at the house. She was in a dead sleep and my mother didn’t mind watching her. I lied and told her I had left notes at your house and I needed them.  She believed me knowing my finals are tomorrow.”

“Oh shit, Claudia,” Lydia said guiltily. “I’m sorry for getting you out the house this late.”

They hugged, whispering good byes and Claudia got in the car to drive the few blocks over to the townhouse she lived with her mother, stepfather and four-year old daughter.

Getting in the darkened house, she knew everyone had to be asleep because it was four in the morning and she was tired as hell, too. Her exams were tomorrow and she had been studying her ass off before Lydia called her from the Greyhound station to come pick her up.

The nerve of Ryan. He couldn’t commit to shit and Claudia had repeatedly told Lydia that.

“It’s kinda late for you to be coming home, isn’t it, sister?” A deep sensual voice barely whispered in the dark.

She faced the darkened living room knowing exactly, who that was and knowing exactly where he was sitting. “I’m not your sister, Ryan,” she hissed. “I don’t even want to talk to you after what you just did to Lydia.” It was difficult to keep her voice down, but she didn’t want to awake the rest of the house.

He stepped out of the darkened room. His shirt was unbuttoned exposing the well-defined brown muscular chest and the front button of his pants. He was like a cool drink of water on a scorching day and she swallowed pursing her lips together. His long thick fingers gripped the brandy glass. Although, Ryan looked calm and cool, she could tell there was something underneath him brewing with displeasure.

“Are you made at me, Claudia?” he asked seriously, his dark brown eyes like dirty oak and gray glinted amusement and concern at her sculptured by long black lashes.

“How could you do that to her, Ryan? If you had no intentions of marrying her, you shouldn’t have started anything with her in the first place, but I must sound like a broken record. I think you’re out to ruin every one of my friends or anyone else I care about.”  Angrily, she seethed. “What did I ever do to you?”

He downed the liquor in one gulp before stepping closer to her.

Claudia couldn’t move away even though she felt like a deer trapped in the headlights. Danger! Danger! Danger! Mesmerized by the heated dark swirling brown and gray eyes that contrasted with his dark chocolate skin and pitch-black hair, cut short and neatly trimmed.

His arms moved around her waist and drew her to him as if they were about to Tango. His voice was only a whisper, but she was so alert, her ears made it surround sound inside her head. “You knew it was the only way, Claudia.”

“The only way for what?” she asked.

“To be in your life, without them knowing.”

His lips molded against hers in a passionate kiss. Claudia started to fight, but not enough to push him away. Soon, her body acquiesced to his seduction and he swooped her up to carry her back into the darkened living room.

Just this last time, she told herself. No more.

Once her back rested on the couch, he parted shortly leaving her cold, but returned quickly. His shirt was off and she didn’t refuse his lips as her hands moved down his back feeling the power and strength underneath her fingers.

He found the front of her blouse and made quick work out of removing her clothes, while his hands, mouth and body caressed every inch he exposed. He savored every kiss, smacking his lips hungrily, knowing the sound was sweet music to her ears. God, he knew her body too well and as Claudia clutched the back of the couch, while Ryan’s mouth hungrily tasted her arousal between her legs, she cursed herself for allowing him to seduce her, yet again.

Ryan moved up her body to kiss her tenderly. “Stop it,” he whispered. “I can hear your thoughts, Claudia.”

She wanted to cry and smile at the same time. “This is wrong, Ryan.”

“Love is never wrong,” he said before he suckled a dark nipple in his mouth and she whimpered begging for mercy, but wanting more of his hot mouth on her body.

Somehow his pants disappeared from his dark sinewy body and he was entering her with her legs over his shoulders to give him full access to her wetness. Ryan slipped in easily and hummed with triumph as his engorged thickness filled her up and she could feel his heart beat pulse against her G-spot.

As always, his mouth was busy suckling her nipples, licking her neck, nibbling an earlobe arousing her more and more until she begged for him to fuck her. He wanted to hear those words and no matter how she tried to fight it, in the end, she always gave in to him. Their passion was too much and they had opened this forbidden door a long time ago with no way to close it or walk away from it.

“Fuck me, please, Ryan, ” she begged, gyrating her hips frantically against his.

His wish was her command as he held her waist in his hands and drew up her body lifting her butt off the couch. The strength to just accomplish this feat kept her in awe, as he repeatedly joined their bodies together hitting her deliciousness over and over again.

She wanted to scream, but she knew she couldn’t. This was forbidden and she didn’t want the whole house to know she was feeling so good.

Blood was rushing to her head from the position, but the orgasmic explosion burst hot in her loins like the Fourth of July fireworks. Small, large, gigantic pulses erupted until she was far-gone from reality, gripping his strong broad dark shoulders and biting down into his skin as she took every voracious thrust he exacted until he too joined her creamy heaven.

He always found some new position when he knew she was mad at him. This was no exception. If they had kept it up, she was positive her ass would have been upside down, but damn if the higher he had taken her, the better her snatch felt. She had been maneuvering muscles even she didn’t know she could move.

Now in the wake of their aftermath, Claudia knew that once again their sin was great, yet she also knew if Ryan wanted to go again she was game.

“Promises, promises,” Ryan whispered in her ear.  “I think the more you resist me, the better fucking you get, sister dear.”

“Don’t call me that,” she seethed in humiliation, but it was difficult to be mad when he was still embedded between her legs.

Kissing her with a loud smack, Ryan lifted up just a bit. It was pitch black in the room but she knew most likely those eyes of his had soften to a gentle storm cloud. His passion was subsided for now, but that would only mean, the next time he would just take his time.

In order to dissuade him from starting again, she threw up the guilt she was feeling in his face. “Are you the least bit bothered by what we are doing or feeling? This is wrong, Ryan!”

“You carry enough shame for the both of us, sister.”

Hitting his chest, but hurting her wrist more than hurting him, Claudia hissed, “Stop calling me that!”

“I’ll stop calling you that, when you stop lying to yourself.”

“Fuck you!”

Ryan chuckled sensuous. “No, Claudia, I think I’ll fuck you.”

With that; his mouth ravaged her hardened nipples, while his hips stroked her tender. Claudia tried to resist again, but it was useless. Damn! Damn! Damn!

Forbidden by Sylvia Hubbard (c) 2007 All Rights Reserved

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