Delicious Prisoner by Sylvia Hubbard

This is another writing prompt, but I don't remember the details of the prompt. Delicious Prisoner The rain poured down as she kissed him good-bye. In her eyes, she would always remember seven-year-old Kyle with his wide hazel green eyes and his deep brown skin, wet with more than the rain. Tears had been pouring … Continue reading Delicious Prisoner by Sylvia Hubbard

Forbidden by Sylvia Hubbard (c) 2007

Yes! You found the Free Book!  This was written as a prompt from a writing group. Can't remember the prompt off-hand but we were supposed to write something forbidden. This is what my dirty mind provided: THE FORBIDDEN "I wish someone told me this nut was going to act a fool this way before I … Continue reading Forbidden by Sylvia Hubbard (c) 2007