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Emperor’s Addiction Excerpt

The one woman he knew he should never EVER touch is the one that can cure the pain that he's endured his whole life. With promises broken, lines crossed, morals forgotten and a woman with a mysterious past, he's dead set on making her... EMPEROR'S HEART ADDICTED © 2008 Sylvia Hubbard All Rights Reserved  CHAPTER 1             … Continue reading Emperor’s Addiction Excerpt

On the tenth day of Kissmas…

Sylvia Hubbard's 10th Day of Kissmas melts the snow!!! Season's Greetings Sylvia Hubbard single-handedly melted all the snow and ice in the northern USA with her steamy, juicy excerpt from Sex, Lies and Family ties. See what the queen of cliffhangers has cooked this time... Fire Extinguisher!!!!!! Syd Sydney Molare' Books...Fiction that satisfies the soul... … Continue reading On the tenth day of Kissmas…


i went through my twin period and i'm still going through it here and there. lots of people have asked me about all the books that I have twins in. This may be a story spoiler list but hey, you asked. Sex Weed Secrets, Lies & Family Ties Mistaken Identity  His Substitue Wife... My Sister