Finding Drawing The Line

Yesterday I did a google on Drawing The Line. NOthing.

So I did a Yahoo search. I was impressed that it pulled up:

Even though it doesn’t lead to the story, it leads to the blogspot posts where the URL of Drawing The Line is at. hint hint wordpress

All the other search engines are whack… err… I mean weak.

Anyhoo, I’m on Chapter 3. And not one person has posted a comment, but I’m getting over 100 hits a day so I’m trying to figure out who’s there.

Just so I can hurry this up for you, here’s the URL:

Come join us and let me know you’re there! Can’t do it cause you’re at work. You can also subscribe just for that blog at:

See ya there!

One thought on “Finding Drawing The Line

  1. Hi Sylvia, Just to tell you that we are all here. Sex weed was great and I honestly did not expect Onyx in it. That was a real suprise since I just happen to like the character a lot. Thanks for the great read. I am following up with Drawing the Line no matter what. Ashwini

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